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Dahua displayed some of their newly launched products at Security China

At the biennial Security China show 2012, Dahua Technology released HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), regarded as a new benchmark in HD era.

HDCVI is an over-coaxial-cable analogue HD video transmission standard, which was developed in-house. The technology renders two HD video formats—1920H (1920×1080) & 1280H (1280×720) by progressive scanning.

The HDCVI brings you multiple advantages and conveniences. Firstly, it can be upgraded to analogue HD seamlessly with minimum cost since the whole system goes after conventional analog system topology and gives full consideration to the habits of its users. Secondly, the HDCVI composites video, audio and PTZ signals together and transmits them over coaxial cable, which makes reliable non-latency long range (500m) video transmission possible. Thirdly, it has a strong anti-interference capability and solid interface protection, to be more specific; it is free of high-frequent electromagnetic radiation.

Covering a display area of 216 square meters, Dahua Technology demonstrated many new products along with existing star products. For example, the newly launched 3-inch & 4-inch PTZ dome cameras attracted a lot of attention, the long-expected WDR network cameras uct and IPCs with varifocal motorised lens series were also popular.

The president of Dahua Technology, Mr. Fu Liquan attended Security China and introduced some products; he also held   meetings with customers, where valuable opinions and thoughts were exchanged.

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