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3DEYE logo


Telephone +1 (416) 214-7847
Email sales@3deye.me


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera • NVR • DVR

3dEYE is the simple alternative to complex and costly hardware-based VMS systems. 3dEYE is a powerful, easy to use Video Surveillance as a Service Platform that takes only seconds to discover and connect IP cameras. There’s no software to install. No hardware to configure.

3DEYE logo

A.I. Tech

Telephone +39 (089) 968185
Email sales@aitech.vision


Supported Products

Network camera

Supported Analytic

Intrusion • Loitering • Face Detection • LeftObject • Heatmap • 
Occupancy • People Counting

A.I. Tech is an Italian company developing cutting edge video analytic solutions based on the most advanced artificial intelligence and artificial vision methodologies. Thanks to its products, the camera does not only observe the scene, but it becomes able to discover what it is happening through the recognition of the objects and the analysis of their behaviour. A.I. Tech video analytic plugins can be profitably used in several vertical markets, from retail and business intelligence to store optimisation, from security to smart cities and traffic monitoring.

Accellence Technologies GmbH

Telephone +49 511 277 2400
Email info@accellence.de


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Accellence Technologies GmbH is a consulting and development firm for information and communication technology. It was founded in 1999. They develop solutions for transmitting audio and video over digital networks and support customers in the development and application of network-capable digital audio and video solutions, especially in the areas of transportation and security engineering.


Telephone +49 511 277 2400
Email info@accellence.de


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

The Advancis Software & Services GmbH PSIM+ software, WinGuard X3, provides a central platform for the efficient control of the entire corporate security. It supports the seamless integration of the different security and building management, as well as communication systems into one single user interface. WinGuard X3 collects all incidents from the installed security, building management and information systems, displaying them using the intelligent event visualization. All events are synchronised with the video stream. Even when numerous events take place simultaneously, the user always retains control over the situation with automatic prioritization and dynamic workflows for event processing, which is supported by the system.

Agora logo


Telephone +34 91 729 4844
Email info@agorasystems.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ cameras • HDCVI DVR • NVR

AGORA is a software engineering company focused on developing applications for physical security businesses, with deep know-how in IP video technology, analytics, and security systems integrations.AGORA Security Management Software provides intelligence to your systems by improving operationality and reducing risk to your assets. It's a unified and open platform that integrates several systems (video, alarms systems, Fire Systems, GPS systems, IP intercoms, Loneworker devices and others), adding interactive procedures increasing productivity, security and safety. The Software is used across the globe in multi-site and single site organisations with centralized operations in a Command Center, like Banking, Critical Infrastructures, Retail, Central Monitoring Stations and others. AGORA SMS monitors and measure your Command Center performance with a set of tools of Business Intelligence.

aimetis logo


Telephone +1 (519) 746-8888
Email info@aimetis.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Aimetis Corp. is a Waterloo, Canada-based software company offering integrated intelligent video management solutions for security surveillance and business intelligence applications. Founded in 2003, the company is a global leader in intelligent video technology and is propelling the adoption of video analytics as an integral component of video management solutions. It’s unique in providing a single platform for easily migrating customers from simple analogue systems to intelligent IP video systems; offering the highest levels of service and support; and providing the industry’s easiest to use products. Aimetis has distributors and certified partners in over 100 countries and serves a variety of industries, including retail, transportation and others.

Alnet Systems logo

Alnet Systems Inc.

Telephone +48 58 735 76 57/61
Email pl@alnetsystems.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Alnet Systems Inc.'s main product is the digital video recorder VDRS and is available in many versions which allows to cover practically all demands of costumers. Besides digital video recording systems they offer the PRS system – identification and plate recognition system. Together with VDRS recorder it makes unusually effective tool for recording and controlling vehicles on parking lots, border passages, petrol stations and many more places, where monitoring of vehicle movement is needed.


Telephone +1 (717) 413-7148
Email michael@angelcam.com


Supported Products

Network camera

Angelcam is currently serving customers from more than 150+ countries around the world, either directly or via a growing network of professional partners. At the same time they are working with top security camera producers on integration of a camera streaming solution directly into their camera firmware. Angelcam have stablished relationships with numerous universities, researchers and specialised companies producing newer and more advanced computer vision algorithms and turning them into new apps.

Argos Technologies logo

Argos Technologies

Telephone +33 1 48 53 73 40
Email info@argosvision.com


Supported Products

Network camera

ARGOS Technologies is the French leader in the conception and manufacturing of hardware and software dedicated for the video surveillance.
Some of their leading products are:

  • Video recorders and digital video surveillance systems,
  • Monitoring and 3D globalised video surveillance software,
  • Image analysis /smart video surveillance software.
Arteco logo


Telephone +39 0546 645777
Email supporto@arteco.it


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

Arteco was founded in 1987 as an industrial electronics manufacturer which grew to a leading developer of motion control technology. Over the years, they have leveraged their knowledge in machine vision applications to pioneer in the field of video analytics for the video security industry. This combination of industrial know-how and investment in video management has contributed to the creation of a superior video security product line with an exponential growth strategy. In recent years, Arteco has quickly become a leader and market innovator in Video Event Management Software (VEMS) with substantial presence throughout the world.


Telephone +886 2 7737 0888
Email contact@asustor.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome • XVR

Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specialising in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experiences and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.


Avigilon Corporation

Telephone +1 (888) 281-5182
Email asksales@avigilon.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

 Avigilon Corporation is defining the future of protection through innovative surveillance solutions. Delivering the world’s best image quality, our industry-leading HD network video management software, megapixel cameras and access control products are reinventing surveillance.

Axxon logo


Telephone +7 (495) 775-61-61
Email support@axxonsoft.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

AxxonSoft is a leading software developer that combines IP-based physical security information management (PSIM), intelligent video analytics, video management software, facial recognition, POS and road traffic monitoring, and an enterprise-wide platform into fully integrated vertical and horizontal solutions.

Avigilon logo


Telephone +33 4 92 26 70 26
Email info@azursoft.com


Supported Products


AZUR SOFT is a software company founded in 1996, leader of software security solutions, access and management for monitoring and telehealthcare markets. AZUR SOFT mainly operates in 4 business segments: "real time" project developments (signal processing, supervision) on embedded systems, remote monitoring with Horus software, consulting and assistance by selection and development of appropriate software and computer security consulting (safety audits). AZUR SOFT has over 300 active installations in monitoring centres worldwide. The company employs 25 people, two-thirds in its technical department.

Bensoftware logo

Ben Software

Email sales@bensoftware.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

Bold Gemini logo

Bold Communications

Telephone +44 1925 713224
Email info@boldcommunications.co.uk


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Bold Communications is a UK company providing Gemini - the integrated CCTV, alarms, access control and asset protection monitoring software platform. Bold Gemini is an easy to use total monitoring solution supporting all widely used security products in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Their clients range from a single campus security project to commercial central stations monitoring many thousands of dispersed sites.

Bykom logo


Telephone +53 223 4958 700
Email info@bykom.com.ar


Supported Products

Network camera • NVR • DVR

Bykom is established in early 2001 in order to meet the demands of a very specific such as alarm monitoring, which required specialised solutions to manage appropriate, effective and globally market their businesses. From this need, the IT company conducted extensive research in the area of security, analysing software, tools and technologies existing database on the market, which integrated the research and development conducted by the commercial area, resulted in the birth of Bykom.  

Canon logo

Canon USA Inc.

Telephone +1 (408) 468-2000
Email encoder@cusa.canon.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Melville, New York, is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions.

Cathexis logo

Cathexis Solutions

Telephone +27 31 2400 800
Email info@cat.co.za


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Checkmy.camera logo


Telephone +972 72 222 04 22
Email info@checkmycamera.com


Supported Products


CheckMy.Camera by LYNX TFG is an independent health monitor that automatically tests your CCTV system externally. It verifies the correct operation of your devices to ensure that your system will deliver your video recordings when needed. CheckMy.Camera generates and pushes to you simple to use periodical reports and alerts on the things that REALLY matters to you.

CNL software logo

CNL Software

Telephone +44 1483 480088
Email info@cnlsoftware.com


Supported Products


As a world leader and global provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, designed for complete Integrated Situation Management, their award winning IPSecurityCenterTM PSIM technology is deployed to secure major cities, critical infrastructure and global commerce.

CNL Software's solutions sit at the heart of some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking PSIM integration projects in the world. Their work with leading organisations is helping to shape the future of security by offering thought leadership on key issues such as asset protection, energy reduction, process compliance and business advantage in converged physical environments.

Davantis logo


Telephone +34 93 586 89 90
Email smarterthinking@davantis.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Davantis Technologies have been at the cutting edge of video analytics since the company was founded in 2005. Davantis use highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms to provide unbeatably accurate and effective automatic monitoring and notification of actual threat detection so you can better protect your business, your property – and your livelihood. These Davantis algorithms also provide artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities which adapt to programmed changes automatically. The result is you get the most robust and accurate total security on the market today with the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.


Telephone +34 93 589 28 16
Email desico@desico.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera • NVR • DVR

Desico, founded in 1992, is composed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in developing control systems, especially in the area of security. The main feature of Desico is its high degree of commitment to the robustness, reliability and innovation in manufacturing computer Control Systems.
Digiever logo


Telephone +886 02 22288942
Email info@digiever.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to integrating IP video surveillance solutions and providing world-class network video recorder (NVR). Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimise users' experience.

Digifort Pty Ltd logo


Telephone +55 11 4226-2386
Email contato@digifort.com.br


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Digifort is an IP camera surveillance software, developed by a team of highly-qualified professionals working to increase more and more the security of its clients, supplying surveillance tools of high reliability, performance and ease-of-use. Digifort is now not only a digital camera surveillance system, but a complete solution for the management of cameras, automation and access control, thus providing the complete solution for the security and automation of its clients.

digivod logo


Telephone +49 2159 52000
Email info@digivod.de


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

digivod video management software (VMS) is made in Germany, and has a very intuitive user interface and powerful features. digivod brings excellence to small installations, as well as large ones with unlimited amount of cameras and external devices. And the best of it – digivod prepares you for the future, with its framework that allows adaptation to any vertical needs. digivod gmbh, a German company, invented the software and keeps improving it. They serve their customers with simple solutions to complex problems – that is their German engineering philosophy. digivod has worldwide installations and prestigious references. When it comes to real intuitive, high quality software, digivod is your choice.

DSSL logo


Telephone +7 (495) 783 72 87
Email info@dssl.ru


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

DSSL has been in operation since 2002. Today DSSL is an acknowledged leader in the development, production, and deployment of digital video surveillance systems. DSSL systems have been famous on the security market for more than ten years and have proven themselves to be easy to manage, reliable, and affordable for most consumers. The company's expertise includes solutions for sites of various sizes and industries.

Dvtel logo


Telephone +1 (201) 368-9700
Email info@dvtel.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Founded in 2000, DVTEL has evolved from a single product manufacturer to a global provider of video surveillance products and solutions, playing a crucial role in the protection of premises, people and infrastructure around the world. DVTEL has been a dominant market player in the creation, development, and delivery of video surveillance systems over IP networks. The company is headquartered in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, and has more than 130 employees. Its software-based solutions create superior value for a wide range of customers by providing them a unique level of freedom to focus on what’s most important—their primary strategic and business goals.

Eagle Eye Networks

Telephone +1 (512) 473-0500
Email sales@eagleeyenetworks.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera

Founded in 2012, Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. is the leading global provider of cloud-based video surveillance solutions addressing the needs of businesses, alarm companies, security integrators, and individuals. Eagle Eye’s 100% cloud managed solutions provides cloud and on premise recording, bank level security and encryption, and broad analog and digital camera support – all accessed via the web or mobile applications.

ESI logo


Telephone +33 4 93 94 84 00
Email info@esifrance.net


Supported Products

DVR • NVR • IP camera

ESI is an electronic security and video management leading software house in Europe making since 1999 global solutions for Central Monitoring Stations & CCTV/Alarm Receiving Centers requiring complex integration of video, intrusion, health care, lone worker, GPS tracking & elevator transmitters.


Eureka Connection

Telephone +39 3 47 31 59 382
Email info@eurekasupport.it


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera • NVR • HDCVI DVR

Eureka Connection is a company that offers a wide range of solutions to directly control and manage intrusion alarm, fire alarm, CCTV Systems, domotics and Access Control, all in one software.

Over 20 years of experience, with thousands of installations on the field, and direct contact with technical experts and final clients, resulted in the research and development of effective, sure and easy-to-manage products (softwares and hardware boards to interface with different control panels).

exacq logo

Exacq Technologies Inc.

Telephone +317 845 5710
Email info@exacq.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Exacq Technologies Inc., headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading developer of open architecture, Video Management System (VMS) solutions for security and surveillance applications. Their exacqVision VMS client-server solutions are scalable from a small single camera solution to large scale corporate or campus systems with thousands of cameras. Real-time and recorded video can be viewed, managed and configured from any location on the network.

Foxsteam logo



Telephone +33 4 27 11 80 30
Email contact@foxstream.fr


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

Foxstream is an innovative French editing software company, specialised in real time video content analysis technologies on the video surveillance market. The solution offers multiple features such as intrusion detection, counting, loitering detection, abandoned object, crowd & queue management system, License Plate Recognition and it also includes Self-test analysis.

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Freedom Technology Pty Ltd

Telephone +61 395 434 844
Email info@freedomvms.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera • IP thermal camera • HDCVI PTZ camera • NVR • HDCVI DVR • NVS

Freedom VMS is an Australian manufactured CCTV software solution that is CCTV technology agnostic and compatible with CCTV hardware from the worlds’ largest manufacturers, supporting embedded recorders, IP cameras from multiple manufacturers, as well as the ONVIF Profile S open platform standard. Freedom VMS supports Dahua's native SDK for enhanced functionality. Available as server software for recording (Windows based PC architecture) any of the 6 currently available CCTV technologies which includes SD analogue, IP/ONVIF, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-SDI and AHD. Also available as a Client software providing a single platform to operate & manage multiple recorders, from multiple manufacturers across multiple geographical sites.

Gamanet logo


Telephone +421 2 446 372 44
Email info@gamanet.com


Supported Products

IPC • PTZ camera • Thermal camera

Gamanet is a global leader in building systems integration. C4 as primary product is open platform for integration of various security systems from different manufacturers into one unified security solution.

Genetec logo


Telephone +1 514 332 4000
Email info@genetec.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera • DVR • NVR • NVS

Genetec is an innovator, pioneer, as well as leader in the physical security and public safety industry and a global provider of world-class IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition (LPR) solutions to markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming, government and more.

GeoVision logo

GeoVision Inc.

Telephone +886 2 8797 8376
Email sales@geovision.com.tw


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

GeoVision Group is a leading company in Digital Surveillance System area.



Telephone + 49 (0)2645 137 0
Email info@geutebrueck.com


Supported Products

Network camera

Decades of experience and thousands of successful video security systems are the guarantee for mature technology. The perfect combination of in-house software and hardware components with carefully selected third-party products provide optimal functionality, a high level of reliability and the best quality possible. Individual devices and completely installed system cabinets are exported from their Headquarters in Windhagen, Germany to over 40 countries.

logiware logo


Telephone +49 (0)5921  / 713992-0
Email info@logiware.de


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera

Go1984 was designed for professional and problem-free video surveillance and recording. The easy to use video surveillance software with varied functions at an absolutely competitive price sets a new standard for the software industry. The function range of VMS go1984 contains everything, which is required for professional video surveillance.

Heitel logo


Telephone +49 (0) 431 23284 1
Email info@heitel.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

Herta logo

Herta Security

Telephone +34 936 020 888 
Email info@hertasecurity.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera 

Herta Security is a world leader in the development of cutting edge facial recognition solutions. Based in Barcelona, Spain, – with offices in Madrid, London and Los Angeles -, the company offers fast, accurate, robust, end-customer oriented solutions for video surveillance, access control, and marketing requirements. International projects include safe-cities, airports, train and metro stations, prisons, banks, casinos, sports stadiums, shopping malls, military, police and forensic applications. Herta Security has partners in 45 countries.

i2V logo


Telephone +91 981 005 6691 
Email i2v@i2vsys.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera • NVR • DVR • NVS

i2V stands for Intelligent Integrated Video. i2V is a technology R&D company focusing on design, development and production of Intelligent Surveillance solutions. i2V specialises in development of Proactive Video Surveillance products with an aim of providing high quality software engineering solutions to clients worldwide.

iCode Systems logo

iCode Systems Ltd.

Telephone +44 1329 835335 
Email enquiries@icode.co.uk


Supported Products

IP camera • DVR

iCode Systems Ltd is a Consultancy & Software Development house based in Hampshire, England. In addition to bespoke customer systems, they are the authors of iCatcher - a market leading Digital CCTV application that allows companies to deploy industry standard hardware to create a comprehensive security solution.


Telephone +44 1314 757200 
Email enquiries@indigovision.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera

IndigoVision is an industry leading software led end to end IP Video Solutions manufacturer listed on the AIM and headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Innodep logo

Innodep Inc.

Telephone +82 2 2109 6866
Email sales@innodep.com


Supported Products

Network camera

Innodep Inc. is one of global leading Network Video Surveillance solution provider and also a pioneer in Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Service (VSaaS) solution in Korea. What’s more, Innodep Inc. released IP-Matrix server solution, is on the virtual machine based Cloud HW solution, for over 1,000 CH camera connection with 2 physical server configuration. Those Innodep Inc. solutions are highly welcomed to cover diverse market segments including the security surveillance, transportation, retail, government and industrial markets with various system integration solutions with green earth energy saving service.

Instek logo


Telephone +886 2 2268 9939
Email info@instekdigital.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

ISS logo

Intelligent Security Services

Telephone +1 (732) 855-1111
Email info@isscctv.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

ISS, headquartered in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and with offices worldwide, is a leader in video management and video analytics software.  ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions which are on the forefront of on-demand security, allowing for centralised command and control of an entire enterprise security network.

intellivision logo


Telephone +7 (831) 429-0405
Email info@intelli-vision.com


Supported Products

Network camera 

Supported Analytic

Camera Tamper • Intrusion • Loitering • People counting • Crowd detection • Face detection • Heatmap • Object left • Object removed

IntelliVision is a market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics and video cloud software. IntelliVision solutions provide actionable insights for security and monitoring in Smart Home, Smart Enterprise and Smart City applications, business intelligence for Smart Enterprise and Smart Retail, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for car/road safety in automobiles. IntelliVision is a subsidiary of Nortek Security & Control and is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in USA, Asia and Europe.

Iomniscient logo


Telephone +61 2 9411 7776


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

Ivideon logo


Telephone +1 (888) 683-8950
Email support@ivideon.com


Supported Products

Network camera

Ivideon is the leading cloud VMS with more than 1 000 000 users around the globe which was created by the progressive engineers at the junction of security and Internet services. Ivideon has wide opportunities to integrate with ISP and telecommunications operators.

I-View Now logo

I-View Now

Telephone +1 (888) 252-1644
Email info@i-viewnow.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

I-View Now was invented to video verify alarms during the dispatch process, reduce false alarms, and to increase apprehensions while using off the shelf security and video products. They believe in the traditional burglar alarm as a deterrent to crime, they also believe video verification is a significant enhancement to traditional security solutions.

Join Computer & Control logo

Join Computer and Control

Telephone +61 3 9540-0708
Email info@joincc.com.au


Supported Products

Network camera

JOIN Computer & Control was established in 1995 to provide network management, software research and system integration in the fields of computers and control. JOIN’s pioneer product was a single application entitled Central Telecommunication Monitoring Management System. This product formed the foundation on which JOIN has built a spectrum of related products.

Kentima logo

Kentima AB

Telephone +46 46 25 30 40
Email info@kentima.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Kentima develops, manufactures and sells advanced products for the automation and security market. They develop products that visualise, interact, monitor, and transmit in-formation and images between systems and users. Their customers place extremely high demands regarding reliability, functionality and integration, which in turn places high demands on Kentima as a product development company.  Their product lines include: Video Management System, SCADA software, HMI Panels, Industrial computers.



Telephone +43 1997 1039
Email office@kiwisecurity.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

KiwiSecurity is the leading developer of video analytics and video control solutions, transforming video surveillance into a pro-active tool, ultimately automating video surveillance by extracting key information. KiwiSecurity’s technology, addresses security, as well as business or traffic intelligence and can be integrated into any existing or new system. (e.g. perimeter protection, traffic analysis, behaviour analysis.)



Telephone +358 20 7551 350
Email sales@ksenos.fi


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

KSENOS is an easy-to-use VMS application made in Finland. It is suitable for video surveillance systems of all sizes. The systems can consist of one or more servers and optional remote clients. Both IP and analogue cameras can be connected to KSENOS servers. Valvova Ltd, a Finnish security company established in 1999, offers the KSENOS VMS software combine with high-quality cameras.

lenel logo


Telephone +1 (585) 248-9720
Email insidesales@lenel.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Lenel provides enterprise software, integrated systems and access control systems to manage multiple security systems, real-time intelligent video content analysis, biometric access, smart card applications, and visitor management systems for corporate and government security customers. Lenel is part of UTC Climate Controls & Security Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. 

Luxriot logo


Telephone +371 67 31 53 24
Email info@luxriot.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Luxriot is an open architecture Video Management System (VMS). Luxriot accepts MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 as well as HD and megapixel video streams from Network (IP) cameras, encoders and video capture boards.

Macrosop logo


Telephone +7 3422 1577 55
Email info@macroscop.com


Supported Products

IP camera

Macroscop is professional IP camera software. Macroscop allows you to build an IP video surveillance system of any size, from just one to an unlimited number of IP cameras. They recommend that intelligent modules be used to improve the video surveillance system's functionality that you may optionally connect for any number of IP cameras.

Meyertech logo


Telephone +44 1616 437956
Email sales@meyertech.co.uk


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Meyertech is a British technology company that develops Video Management Software (VMS) and manufactures hardware products for the CCTV surveillance and PSIM markets. Their products provide both analogue and IP-digital hybrid solutions which offer high levels of integration with other systems. Meyertech solutions are deployed across the globe in many different markets, from Airports to Highways, from Retail to Public Space.

Milestone logo


Telephone +45 88 300 300
Email info@milestonesys.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video surveillance software. For more than a decade, Milestone has led the way in providing easy-to-use, powerful video management software (VMS) in more than 100,000 installations worldwide.

Mirasys logo

Mirasys Ltd.

Telephone +358-9-2533-3300
Email sales@mirasys.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Mirasys is one of the leading providers of open platform Video Management Solutions for IP and analogue camera surveillance applications and systems. They develop and supply solutions that help organisations manage and utilise information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras.

Monitor Computer Systems logo

Monitor Computer Systems

Telephone +44 8450 511153
Email sales@monitorsoft.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome • DVR • NVR

Monitor Computer Systems has been a leading supplier of alarm monitoring and video monitoring software since its founding in 1984. The Sentinel Plus software suite provides a single integrated platform for the monitoring of alarm panels, video systems, environmental monitoring, GPS tracking and lone worker devices.

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Netcamara logo


Telephone +54 11 3220 1469
Email info@netcamara.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome • DVR

Netcamara is a software development company which specialises in IP camera management and has a record of more than 10 years in the trade. The company is present in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, and continues to grow around the world, as they adapt their services to better meet their clients’ needs.

netris logo


Telephone +7 495 950 55 25
Email info@netris.ru


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome • NVR

Netris is the leader in software development and systems integration for service providers, state structures, banking institutions and contact-centers. 
Netris' customers are telecommunication companies and banking institutions that aim to improve their efficiency using cutting edge solutions. Netris Solutions have been deployed for Rostelecom (NCN), Kazakhtelecom, Moscow Government, MTS, Russian Standard Bank, TTK, Metalloinvest, Ukrtelecom and other Russian and CIS service providers and banks.

NetVision logo


Telephone +86 23 68697255


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera • DVR • NVR • NVS • Compression card

Network optix logo

Network Optix

Telephone +1 (800) 376-1170
Email info@networkoptix.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

Network Optix makes advanced IP Video surveillance software simple. With a unique server-hive architecture, automatic camera failover, one-click system upgrades, automatic ONVIF device discovery and the world's most flexible user interface for viewing, managing, and sharing IP video the Nx Witness IP Video Surveillance system sets the standard for what it means to combine powerful enterprise features and user-friendly design for IP video surveillance.

NUUO logo


Telephone +886 2 2362 2260
Email marketing@nuuo.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

NUUO deploys advanced and comprehensive technologies to enhance the surveillance cameras to high standards demanded by their intelligent Surveillance Solution. Combining NVR and Hybrid technologies with IVS detections guaranteed NUUO a successful and fast entry to the market. 

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc logo

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.

Telephone +1 (845) 732-7900
Email info@onssi.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

OnSSI is creating a new era in video surveillance in which intuitive software seamlessly connects and improves security processes and makes up for the limits of human capacity.

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Patriot Systems

Telephone +44 8450 511153 
Email sales@patriotsystems.com


Supported Products


Patriot Systems provides complete alarm monitoring solutions based on evolving feature sets and a wide range of modules. Patriot delivers an extensive and seamless security system that is powerful, flexible and reliable but which can adapt rapidly to market requirements placing Patriot as a world leader in Central Monitoring Station solutions.

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Telephone +1 (703) 321-7600
Email info@paxton.com


Supported Products


Paxton provides industry-leading access control systems which meet the challenges and trends of the security market. With over 30 years’ experience, the company offer engineering excellence, creating simple, yet intelligent and innovative products with simplicity designed in, ensuring they are straightforward to install, use and maintain.
Net2 is the UK’s most popular access control solution, with more than 150 additional buildings being fitted out with it every week. The security system offers centralised administration and control of sites ranging from one to hundreds of doors, and thousands of users.

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Pelco by Schneider Electronic

Telephone +1 (800) 289-9100
Email intl@pelco.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems, including high-definition and IP fixed, dome and integrated positioning camera systems; next-generation video management and software-only solutions; video matrix systems; full HD displays and more.

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Telephone +90 216 528 62 00
Email posta@pro-line.com.tr


Supported Products


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Istanbul-Turkey, Proline is revolutionising the “Smart and Safe City” markets where these decisions are often of critical importance. Being nominated as R&D centre by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in year 2011. With operations in the Middle East - North Africa (MENA) region. The purpose of the product is to maintain public safety and security by using video analytic, video management systems, entrance control system, etc.

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PRYSM Software

Telephone +33 442 971 497
Email info@prysm-software.com


Supported Products

IP camera • NVR

Since 1996 PRYSM has provided its open architecture integration and management systems for the security and building automation industry. Our PSIM, access control and BMS systems are deployed globally at thousands of projects of different sizes and in most vertical markets. Most mainstream security and automation manufacturers are supported by our command and control applications.

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QNAP Security

Telephone +886 2 8698 2000
Email nvr@qnap.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

QNAP Security, the world's first Linux-embedded NVR developer has implemented its award winning storage and RAID technologies to offer its most innovative local display standalone NVR. The system not only ensures remarkable stability on remote monitoring, recording, and surveillance tasks under diverse environments but also renders great simplicity.

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QNAP Security

Telephone +886 2 8698 2000
Email nvr@qnap.com


Supported Products

Network camera 

Qognify helps its customers mitigate risk, maintain business continuity, and optimize their operations with an integrated portfolio that includes video management, video and data analytics, and PSIM/ Situation Management solutions. With solutions that capture, integrate, correlate, and analyze data from multiple safety, security, and operational systems, Qognify provides valuable insights and empowers organizations to better protect and optimize their business.

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Telephone +972 3 963 7777
Email info@riscogroup.com


Supported Products

IP camera

RISCO Group produces high quality and reliable security products for the every type of security installation. From intrusion alarm systems for residential and commercial installations including a full range of accessories, to large scale access control and integrated security and building management platforms, we aspire to provide our customers with a plethora of top of the line security management solutions.

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Roger Sp.j.

Telephone +48 55 272 0132
Email roger@roger.pl


Supported Products


Roger company designs, develops and manufactures electronic security equipment and software, in particular access control systems. Roger is a major supplier of access control products in Poland and exports them to more than 40 countries. High reliability and functionality of Roger access control products is confirmed in thousands of successfully implemented installations worldwide.

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Rosslare Security Products

Telephone +972 3 9386 838
Email mickey.markovits@rosslaresecurity.com

Supported Products

DVR • NVR • IP camera • DVS

Rosslare Security Products, a division of Rosslare Enterprises Ltd., manufactures and markets high-quality security products through its worldwide offices and channel partners. Since its inception in 1980, Rosslare implements the latest technologies for its corporate, residential, and institutional products and systems. Today our vast product range includes access control systems and keypads, hardwire and wireless intrusion systems, guard patrol management systems, and application software.

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Telephone +1 (408) 658-1540


Supported Products


The worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard disc drives and storage solutions.

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SEEnergy Corp.

Telephone +886 2 8768 1518
Email sales@seenergy.com.tw


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

SEEnergy is a digital imaging software company that provides flexible solutions in intelligent imaging development, multimedia communication and recording technology.

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Telephone +49 7251 9290 0 
Email info@seetec.eu


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Founded in 1997 and a pioneer in IP video security, SeeTec AG is one of the leading vendors of VMS software in Europe. SeeTec has sales & support offices in France, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey. The current product offering of SeeTec Cayuga provides flexible architecture for systems of any size along with extension modules and interfaces to many technology partners. With SeeTec BVI, the company additionally delivers solutions, which support customers’ business processes and therefore exceed the scope of traditional video security solutions.

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Telephone +55 48 32390200
Email contato@seventh.com.br


Supported Products

IP camera • DVR • NVR

Seventh is a Brazilian software company that develops technology for video surveillance. Since its foundation in 2001, the company has been a pioneer in the development of a wide range technologies for IP surveillance, like new techniques for reception, transmission and storage of a large quantity of data, and processing multiple video streams simultaneously.

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SKYROS Corporation

Telephone +7 812 4481000
Email info@skyros.ru


Supported Products

Network camera • HDCVI camera • Network PTZ dome camera

SKYROS Corporation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of integrated security solution. VideoNet is their product. VideoNet is a digital security system created to provide the protection of facilities such as banks and financial institutions, large and small industrial facilities, office buildings, warehouses, vacation homes (cottages), computer centres, hotels, universities, parking lots, houses and so on.

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Telephone +1 888 754-4543
Email sales@smartvue.com


Supported Products

Network camera

Smartvue makes the world a safer place and provides IoT video platforms designed for an “everything connected with video” world. Smartvue uploads hundreds of thousands of hours of video to its cloud every day, manages over one hundred million hours of video every year, and is installed in thousands of homes and businesses every month. The company’s IoTV (Internet of Things Video) platform supports connected devices that require video capture, security,transport, storage, management, and distribution in a simple and elegant interface, cost-effectively delivered worldwide to almost any device.

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Telephone +886 3 563 8888
Email sales@edge-core.com


Supported Products

Network camera

A leading provider of networking solution for the SMB/e and the SOHO, SMC puts more than 40 years’ experience to work in every product and solution and company manufactures. Leveraging strong industry relationships in combination with experienced and talented in-house design and engineering, SMC continues to bring to market a host of affordable, high performance, easy to use products.

Softguard Tech

Softguard Tech

Telephone +1 (786) 866-2138
Email info@softdemonitoreo.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

SolarTec ogo


Telephone +1 (760) 743-7200
Email info@soleratec.com


Supported Products

IP camera • IP PTZ camera

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SureView Systems

Telephone +1 (888) 387-2860


Supported Products

NVR • Network camera

SureView operates across three market spaces, Commercial Monitoring Stations, large corporate organisations running their own Command Centers and guard companies offering blended technology and manpower services to their customers. SureView Systems owns, develops, sells and supports the Immix® product line. Immix® is a video centric software platform.

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Telephone +886 2 2226 2966
Email sales@surveon.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcases their expertise in professional camera design, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software. All their products are designed in-house and manufactured at their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site. Surveon Technology's highly integrated, proven, and reliable product lineup helps reduce integration effort and compatibility risks, while maximizing profits for security partners.

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Synology Inc.

Telephone +886 2 2552 1814


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Founded in 2000, Synology is dedicated to develop high-performance, reliable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly NAS servers. Their goal is to deliver agile and cost-effective solutions, solid customer service, and ultimately to ensure individuals and business the versatility of choices.

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Telephone +39 (010) 553 9239
Email support@technoaware.com


Supported Products

Network camera

Supported Analytic

Intrusion • GateFlow • OccupancyRate • HotZones • LeftObject • ATM • StolenObject • Loitering • Panic Disorder

TechnoAware researches and develops technologies, products and solutions for video analysis and ambient awareness. Founded in 2003, TechnoAware stems from the experience and expertise of the University of Genoa’s ISIP40 Research Group, for more than 30 years and today one of the foremost experts worldwide in video analysis and artificial intelligence. 



Telephone +7 495 7837287
Email info@dssl.ru


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ camera • NVR • HCVR

TRASSIR software is the most feature-rich and technologically powerful software product for IP video surveillance. The company places special emphasis on the development of technologies for recognition- and smart video analytics, offering its own AutoTRASSIR license plate number recognition technology and new-breed iMotionTrassir detector with SIMT object tracking.

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Unisight Digital Technologies Inc.

Telephone +1 (303) 680-6629
Email inquires@unisight.net


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera • DVR • NVR • NVS • Compression card

Unisight Digital Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in the development of software for digital video surveillance systems since it was established in 1998. Unisight highly prioritises client needs, customer-specified feature development and tailor-made SDK integration for front-end vendors.

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Telephone +34 918 046 248
Email info@vaelsys.com


Supported Products

Network cameras • Network PTZ dome cameras • DVR • NVR 

Vaelsys is a company specialized in video processing and integration.  For more than a decade Vaelsys has been developing solutions for different fields like perimeter protection, transportation, critical infrastructures, defense or retail. Today more than 40.000 cameras are processed by one of our solutions worldwide. 

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Video Insight

Telephone +1 (713) 621-9779
Email info@video-insight.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Video Insight, Inc., - headquartered in Houston, Texas - is a leading developer of enterprise-class video management software (VMS). Video Insight was established with the vision of providing powerful, user-friendly software that would run on "off-the-shelf" hardware based on IP technology.

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Telephone +44 (0)20 8756 5480
Email info@wavestore.com


Supported Products

Network camera • Network speed dome

Wavestore is a global provider of professional digital video and audio security surveillance systems. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Wavestore specialises in reliable, innovative and high performance video solutions which support analogue, network (IP, megapixel, 360 degree, panoramic) and HDcctv cameras.

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Western Digital

Telephone +1 949-672-7300


Supported Products


WD, one of the storage industry's pioneers and long-time leaders, provides products and services for people and organizations that collect, manage and use digital information.

Xtralis logo


Telephone +44 (0)1442 242 330


Supported Products

Network camera • Network PTZ dome camera

Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the very early & reliable detection, remote video verification, and rapid, effective response to smoke, gas and security threats. Their technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. They protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses.

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Dahua Technology Ltd news

Smart R Distribution appointed as full member of Dahua Dealer Partner Program

Smart R Distribution’s appointment as a full member of the Dahua Dealer Partner Program, provides the opportunity for installers to source Dahua products from the specialist distributor of access control and video surveillance network solutions. Supplier of Dahua IP cameras, NVRs As an authorised reseller, Smart R Distribution will be supplying the entire portfolio of Dahua products, including a comprehensive range of IP security cameras, NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and video manageme...

Dahua Technology announces updated version of WizSense to expand Artificial Intelligence inclusivity

Dahua Technology, a globally renowned video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has recently unveiled its updated WizSense – a series of AI products and complete end-to-end solutions based on deep learning that focuses on humans and vehicles. It benefits users with intelligent functions, simple configuration and inclusive products. Compared to its previous version, the updated WizSense offers upgraded features that will surely transform regular monitoring to a whole new level...

Dahua Technology collaborates with third-party VMS suppliers to build an open and smart NVR Ecosystem

Driven by the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, Network Video Recorder/NVR is no longer just the traditional data storage centre in CCTV systems today. From initial connection demands of third-party IPC and PTZ suppliers and docking demands of alarm sensor and platform manufactures, to alliance demands of algorithm and app developers, NVR (Network Video Recorder) is playing an increasingly significant role in connecting front-end devices, alarm...

Dahua Technology Ltd case studies

Dahua Technology installs HD CCTV cameras with smart analytics using AI to secure iconic Battle of Britain Bunker

An important heritage site which played a key role in protecting the UK during World War II is itself being made safe and secure with the installation of a comprehensive and fully integrated security system, including more than 75 Dahua HD CCTV cameras. Battle of Britain Bunker The Battle of Britain Bunker is an underground operations room in Uxbridge, formerly used by No. 11 Group Fighter Command during the Second World War, most notably in the Battle of Britain and on D-Day. The operations...

Dahua Technology deploys networked video surveillance system at Petwood Hotel, formerly The Dambusters home

A networked surveillance system has been installed at Petwood Hotel in Lincolnshire, the former home of members of 617 Squadron, more famously known as The Dambusters, during World War 2. The hotel, situated in the village of Woodhall Spa, was originally built in 1905, as a country house for a wealthy Baroness, and after serving as a military convalescence hospital during World War 1, was converted into a hotel in 1933. Located among magnificent lawns and landscaped gardens, the Grade II-listed...

Dahua provides its Mobile Solution to enhance patrolling services for the Buenos Aires police

As one of the most important provinces of Argentina, Buenos Aires Province has been seeking to improve work efficiency and emergency response speed of its police force. However, the local police was always lacking of evidence when performing legal actions towards violence, traffic accidents, and other social incidents. This created temporary loopholes in law enforcement that criminals and erring people took advantage of in order to escape legal sanctions. For this reason, the Ministry of Securi...