Video servers (IP transmission) Comparison: Bosch, Avidacom  (2)

Video Inputs
Compression Type
Network Protocols
10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RJ45
2 x RS-232
Resolution TVL
704 x 576
640 x 480
Image per second (IPS)
25 PAL, 30 NTSC
Other Inputs
Bandwidth MHz
max 512 kbps
System Requirements
Linux OS

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Latest Video server (IP transmission) case studies

Bosch provides IP CCTV solution to protect University of Sussex
Bosch provides IP CCTV solution to protect University of Sussex

Reliable technology from Bosch Security Systems is playing a principal role in a new CCTV installation at the University of Sussex as it extends the IP camera network to cover further areas of the university campus. The University of Sussex is a single site campus covering 280 acres on the outskirts of Brighton. Its CCTV system, specified originally in 2003 by the university in conjunction with specialist installers A.M Fire and Security, is a Bosch-based solution primarily based on dome cameras to cover critical areas across the entire site. As Trevor Clifton-Sprigg of A.M Fire and Security explains: "There are 120 cameras in total, with 35 external cameras, most of which are domes from Bosch's EnviroDome and FlexiDome series. The system runs over IP, with the use of Videojet 10, Vip  X1, Vip X2 and Vip X1600 video servers which migrate the existing analogue cameras to IP." EnviroDomes are an integral part of Bosch's AutoDome range, featuring its innovative motion tracking capability Auto Track. Rugged in design and ideally suited for perimeter surveillance, car parks, and other similar outdoor applications, EnviroDomes feature Day/night cameras that automatically switch from colour to monochrome when light levels decrease to give extra sensitivity, whilst high-resolution cameras with optical zoom of up to 25x capture the finest details. The cameras are controlled and monitored centrally at the University's security office in a building known as York House, with resilience monitoring at a separate location should a problem occur. "In addition," Trevor continues, "there are multiple client PCs at the individual buildings running VIDOS viewing software allowing each building user to view their own cameras and recordings." "The recording equipment consists of two Dell servers (each capable of handling up to 64 cameras), which are connected to the University's Storage Attached Network (SAN), with Bosch VIDOS networked video recorder (NVR) software (which can handle an unlimited number of cameras and user) to manage the recordings. Each PC uses graphical maps for fast, simple, access to cameras around the site." The University of Sussex received its Royal Charter in August 1961 and 40 years on, the University has become a leading teaching and research institution, renowned for its research excellence. Situated on the edge of the Sussex Downs, in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the University campus is described as a large, self-contained village, with lecture theatres, seminar rooms, libraries, accommodation, restaurants, bars, shops and sports facilities all within easy walking distance. The security challenges facing the University are not untypical of a campus site. Antisocial and criminal behaviour is not uncommon and can take place in the car parks, within teaching buildings or the student union areas, and access to the campus is open to would-be thieves.  Reliable technology from Bosch Security Systems plays a principal role in a new CCTV installation at the University of Sussex as it extends the IP camera network to cover further areas of the university campus Roger Morgan, Head of Security at the University explains: "The University has a good rating for security in the National Student Survey and this will in part be due to the presence of our surveillance system which is used very successfully in conjunction with security offices on the ground. It helps us to monitor activities on the campus and prevent incursion from unwanted visitors." "As an example of how beneficial the system is, recorded CCTV images (and work by our officers on patrol) led to the detention of some youths who were targeting our site and stealing bicycles from the cycle racks over a period of days." "We constantly review the system to ensure that we have the best coverage in all the key areas. As a University, changes are often made to how the buildings are used, and new buildings being constructed always necessitate a review of internal and external surveillance. The latest change to the system involved the addition of cameras to extend surveillance to a newly-built student residence." "The new building is effectively a satellite site on the other side of the main road, on the boundary of the campus. Cameras will cover the internal and external areas of the new site, including the subway between the campus and the halls of residence." Roger was previously Head of Operations for Gwent Police and has extensive experience of CCTV from his work with local authorities to establish and develop systems. "The University has a good system," he continues, "and technically we cannot get much better." "The only way we can improve the system is to develop operationally - become more proactive in our approach to monitoring rather than reacting to an incident. There are many benefits of this system that I look forward to exploiting, like the possibility of facial recognition technology to spot known people who might target the university as walk-in thieves. The only limitations we might currently face come from not knowing what the system is capable of."

Bosch caters CCTV at Athens Intenational Airport
Bosch caters CCTV at Athens Intenational Airport

End user: Athens International Airport (AIA) Athens International Airport was opened in 2001 to replace the now-closed Athens (Ellinikon) International Airport. It has become increasingly popular as a gateway to southeast and East Asia. In addition, it is the largest European gateway airport to the Middle East, due to its nearness to the region. Business objective The airport is designed to be upgraded over the ensuing years in order to meet the challenges of the increase in air travel. It is known for its continuous investment in pioneering technology. One of the most important and critical elements in airport security is the video monitoring system. The security solution has to handle open public areas, large fenced areas as well as to ensure the integration of all relevant systems. Solution AIA started with an analogue CCTV solution from Plettac. However, in the last years it became necessary to transfer that solution to digital. The first digitalization was based on Bosch's software management system VIDOS with the existing analogue cameras being connected to VIPXPRO encoders and VIP1000E decoders. Now the next step to full digitalisation is done again with Bosch Security Systems. The Bosch Video Management System (VMS) for the airport consists of the fully digital IP CCTV network upgrade solution and embraces the following subsystems and equipment: Indoor/outdoor fixed and dome colour analogue cameras of which the existing number is 318 and they will reach a total of 450, two redundant Bosch VMS Servers for online management, 220 VIP X1600 module encoders, and 38 decoders using latest compression technology. For the management and displaying of the images 9 Bosch VMS Operator Client Workstations and 37 Bosch 20' Monitors are installed. For recording Bosch' patented Video Recording Manager solution for storage of digital video on decentralized network-based iSCSI arrays is used with a total of 66TByte of storage with RAID 5 redundancy. The Bosch VMS also includes an alarm/security management system. Intelligence is incorporated in the security system from the base up with the intelligent Video Content Analysis (VCA) embedded in the encoders. Bosch's Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) automatically adapts to difficult conditions like changes in lighting or environment such as rain, snow or leaves blowing in the wind. Result After a transition period of three months the system was successfully implemented and all areas of interest have been covered sufficiently. The expectations of the end-user were surpassed and the CCTV system of Athens International Airport raises the security standards of every other airport in Greece.

Bosch IP video solution proves winning formula in protecting local borough
Bosch IP video solution proves winning formula in protecting local borough

Wireless IP technology from Bosch Security Systems installed by Central Security Systems (CSS), a leading specialist in local authority CCTV solutions, is proving a winning combination for Gedling Borough Council in protecting local residents from petty and serious crime as part of a much wider crime and disorder partnership initiative. Four town centres - Arnold, Mapperley, Carlton and Netherfield - will be making maximum use of some of the latest camera, encoder, recording and video management hardware and software from Bosch's proven CCTV product range, as Chris Lazzari, director of CSS explains: "We chose Bosch because of the quality and reliability of its products, notably the high resolution images from its cameras, even over IP, and the quality of its streaming. Being wireless means no hard wiring was required, making installation much easier but without sacrificing quality. Single sourcing also made sense, and the level of support from Bosch, especially with the commissioning process, has been excellent." Amongst the cameras installed is a mixture of 14 Bosch domes (from its AutoDome range) and fixed Dinion IPs. Images are transmitted over wireless IP back to a central monitoring station with 8TB of storage, making maximum use of Bosch's VIP-X IP encoders and VIDOS IP video management software. Kevin Nealon of Gedling Borough Council says: "We wanted a town centre CCTV system that was reliable, relatively low cost but very high quality, and that could be linked in with other parts of the Borough. Bosch's equipment gives us the ability to do this. Our vision is that the system will ultimately become the hub for a whole range of other agencies including the Neighbourhood Wardens, Police, Police Community Support Officers and the Fire and Rescue Service etc, in line with our commitment for a Borough that is healthy, safe, clean and green."    Bosch AutoDome cameras are able to produce extremely sharp and detailed images and handle difficult lighting conditions Rugged in design and ideally suited for outdoor applications, Bosch's AutoDome range utilises advanced 15-bit imaging technology, already proven in its Dinion cameras, to exploit the full potential of today's imaging chips. AutoDome cameras are able to produce extremely sharp and detailed images and handle difficult lighting conditions. The Auto Black feature counteracts the effects of fog or glare, NightSense compensates for fading light, and a backlight ensures clear images when viewing entrances. They also feature its innovative motion tracking capability AutoTrack. Bosch's Dinion IP features an integrated IP network connection, combining all the benefits and reliability of the Dinion range with a network video server that transmits video and control data over an IP network, which means that images can be transmitted to several receivers simultaneously. With an Ethernet connection and analogue BNC output, Dinion IP cameras offer a hybrid solution as they can be connected to existing analogue CCTV equipment, whilst offering the additional flexibility and scalability of IP-based CCTV systems. Installation is straightforward and they are easy to configure via the IP network. In this installation for Gedling Borough Council, both the dome cameras and the fixed Dinion IP cameras are integrated into Bosch's VIDOS Video Management System that affords monitoring station operators total control of all of the cameras installed across the two town centres of Arnold and Netherfield, (with Mapperley and Carlton town centres to follow in the near future), as well as the Bosch LCD monitors and recorders within the monitoring hub. VIDOS is a powerful, flexible and scalable client-server software suite for medium to large CCTV installations. The installation also utilises Bosch's VIP-X encoders to bring improved quality and enhanced functionality to network-based video surveillance. Thanks to advanced bandwidth-efficient MPEG-4 technology, VIP-X encoders give DVD-like image quality with high resolution and fast frame rates.