ACTWin Pro 2.5 with DVR Integration and E-mail & SMS notification - A new tier for Access Control software

Product Profile

ACTWin Pro 2.5 is the latest version of the ACT Software Application for ACT access control units. This version will add DVR Integration to the already feature rich ACTWin Pro 2.4.

DVR Integration: Video footage from a Digital Video Recorder may now be linked to events in the ACTWin pro database.  When any event occurs at a door, the associated video may be retrieved from the DVR, showing what happened leading up to the event, directly from ACTWin pro.

The ACTWin Pro 2.5 will incorporate the following features that are already available from the ACTWin Pro software:

  • Global Anti-Passback support can be used to ensure users clock in for Time and Attendance and stop entry tailgating. 
  • Global Input/Output support allows an event on one controller to trigger the output or door on another controller. 
  • The Communications Service Module ensures a simplified and speedy installation by eliminating the security setting or user privilege issues that often occur at installation.
  • Validity Times function enables cards to be programmed with time periods for validity.
  • Multiple User Cards can be used with the ACT 3000, with single database entry managing all cards.
  • Enhanced Reports may now be exported from the report view.
  • Counting Areas feature allows you to manage the user volumes e.g. in a car park, control area, etc. 
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Technical Specification

Make ACT
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code ACTWinPro 2.5
Max No. of Doors per System 64
No of Cardholders included 30,000
Photo ID Yes
Visitor Management Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Guard Tours Yes
Integration DVR Integration
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Import/Export of Information Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
System Requirements Operating System: Windows Vista/XP/2000
Additional info

10 User codes.  Available as Audio only or Audio and Video. Attractive, highly durable ABS plastic telephone.  2 User groups, interlock, door monitoring.  2 relays.  Integrates with LAN.  Operates in Day/Night.  Log event view.  Images directed to different PCs.  10 PCs supported.  ACT RFID cards and Fobs supported.  HID Cards and Fobs supported.

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