ACTWinPro 2.4 - software for the new generation

Product Profile

ACTWin pro 2.4 is the new ‘Windows VISTA' compatible version of the ACT software application.  It provides enhanced reporting, support for global Anti-Passback, count areas, multiple user cards, validity times and extra user rights.

Global Anti-Passback support can be used to ensure users clock in for Time and Attendance and stop entry tailgating.  This system provides extra security at entry points and the functionality to monitor employees' timekeeping.

Global Input/Output support allows an event on one controller to trigger the output or door on another controller.  This is useful for large sites with multiple controllers, by reducing cabling needs, ensuring efficient networking installation time and cost savings.

The Communications Service Module ensures a simplified and speedy installation by eliminating the security setting or user privilege issues that often occur at installation.

Validity Times function enables cards to be programmed with time periods for validity, and is fully managed by the ACTWinpro software.  A variety of locations, for example sports clubs, need to grant, plan and co-ordinate short term access.  The option can manage these needs, thus saving time for the system user and allowing efficient card re-use.

Multiple User Cards can be used with the ACT 3000, using a single database entry to manage proximity cards, mifare cards, magstrips, barcodes and long range transmitters.  This optimises database entry time and management for the end user.

Enhanced Reports may now be exported from the report view.  A System Status report is also available showing the number of offline doors, doors ajar, tampers etc.

Counting Areas feature is ideal for locations (eg. car parks) that need to manage user volumes.  This helps end-users manage volumes at an optimum, while still adhering to health and safety levels.

New product developments for 2007

  • ACT door entry over IP
  • ACT 10 Audio/Video
  • DVR integration
  • Alarm management
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Technical Specification

Make ACT
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code ACTWinPro 2.4
Max No. of Doors per System 64
No of Cardholders included 30,000
Photo ID Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Import/Export of Information Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
Multiple Tenants / Partitioning Yes
System Requirements Operating System: Windows Vista/XP/2000
Additional info

New software version compatible with Windows Vista.  Prevent unauthorised access to areas by staff visitors or strangers.  Provide secure and speedy access to secured areas for authorised personnel.  Record all card and door transactions by time and date in the powerful ACTWinPro database.  Add and delete cardholders in seconds.  Control and administrate remote sites via ACTWinPro software.

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