TDSi's software solutions gives building and facilities managers flexible hardware control options

Product Profile

TDSi's advanced access management software, EXgarde PRO, provides building and facilities managers with a wide range of hardware control functions, helping to improve the performance, and the environmental and cost efficiency of a building.

Hugely versatile, EXgarde PRO's IO functionality is capable of full integration with most third party applications and delivering tailored solutions for individual building areas, entire buildings or across multiple-sites. 

Operating on pre-set inputs, the software can control a wide range of user-defined operations, for example:

  • Lighting could be activated when the first person enters, or last person leaves the building, within defined time windows, saving energy and money
  • Air conditioning - such that the system becomes operational when a given number of people are in the building, or a particular part of it - again reducing wasted energy
  • CCTV - all cameras, or those in specified areas, could be initiated when certain cardholders enter defined areas, or when intruder alarms are activated
  • Car park - once a given number of vehicles are in a car park, direction signs may be initiated to divert vehicles to alternative areas
  • Fire alarm - all fire doors could be automatically opened in the event of a fire alarm being triggered

Many proprietary building management systems require a high initial cost outlay for a complete systems package, the majority of which may never be required.  However, EXgarde PRO gives complete flexibility, allowing IO functionality to be added only as and when needed.

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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code EXgarde PRO
Max No. of Doors per System 128 doors/system
Photo ID Yes
No of concurrent PC Operators 20 operators
Communication RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, dial-up modem
Visitor Management Yes
Multiple Tenants / Partitioning Yes
System Requirements Operating System: Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pro
Additional info Unlimited cards - controller dependant. 20 workstations, subject to license. Integration capability with leading manufacturers of DVR equipment and biometric readers. Custom site graphics with animated icons for instant visibility of information.Fully configurable automated database backup facility. Communication methods including TCP/ IP, dial-up and GSM modems. Context sensitive help system. Personnel image capture and Photo ID badge design and print. Integration to 3rd party ODBC databases (using eXFusion or Microsoftt® OPC server), building management, fire and intruder systems. Compatible TDSI controllers: eXcel2, eXcel4, eXpert2, eXpert4, MicroGarde I, Microgarde II, System1, System2, System4, Xm, Xs.
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