DigitalSENTRY 3.0 from TAC

Product Profile

  • Easy configuration wizard
  • Windows®  XPe Operating System
  • Audio support
  • Increased image resolution
  • Full IPIX 360° Viewing, Recording, and PTZ functionality (Optional)
  • Event Detection and Classification Software (Optional)
  • Add digital IP video cameras to existing recorders
  • Enable camera connections
     o Locally (analogue)
     o Long distance (IP)

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Technical Specification

Make TAC
Manufacturer TAC Satchwell
Model code DigitalSentry
Accessories Digital video management
Additional info

DigitalSENTRY 3.0 provides four-channel audio recording support on all systems with TX-400 cap-ture cards and an audio input bracket. In addition, live monitoring and recorded playback of audio are available through the DigitalSENTRY client software, providing access to DigitalSENTRY audio data both locally and remotely across a network. DigitalSENTRY 3.0 provides optional support for up to four IP devices per VAU. This allows any DS En-terprise or DS XPress system to perform as a dual mode recorder, allowing both IP devices and tradi-tional analog camera feeds to operate side-by-side all within a single user interface and chassis.

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