Securing the energy market with VideoIQ video analytics

VideoIQ is helping to secure the energy market, a fast-growing global industry. As energy companies continue to add remote and dispersed assets to meet increasing demands, traditional security measures have proved to be expensive and ineffective at preventing theft, vandalism and sabotage. As a result, energy companies are looking for more effective security solutions. VideoIQ is the only provider of an all-in-one solution with award-winning video analytics, full 1080P high-definition video recording, and months of storage that can be deployed over a low bandwidth connection like 3g and 4G links.

 With the most accurate analytics on the market, operators and monitoring partners receive real-time alerts as intrusions occur.  And with live video streams and 2-way audio, operators can prevent incidents from occurring, and as the only solution provider to offer full high-definition 1080p analytics for full image processing, VideoIQ is in a unique position to address the specific challenges faced by the energy market. With the only self-calibrating analytics, on the market, the system is as easy to install as an IP camera without analytics.  And with full onboard storage, there is no need for onsite servers or high-capacity networks – dramatically reducing system costs and installation expense.

Furthermore, a VideoIQ system only requires security cameras and a modest network. By recording the video in the camera or encoder, the site can be monitored over a modest wireless network such as a 3G or 4G connection. This makes VideoIQ uniquely suitable for remote multi-site deployments such as power substations, oil and gas well head protection, solar farms, as well as power generation facilities, refineries and support infrastructure such as pipelines and transfer stations.