Rialto Analytic Bridge Line- multi-channel IP and analogue video encoders with analytics and edge storage
Rialto Analytic Bridge Line- multi-channel IP and analogue video encoders with analytics and edge storage

The Rialto Analytic Bridge product line offers an all-in-one video encoder— video analytics and onboard storage— with up to 16 channels. It enables integrators to upgrade or install video surveillance systems with VideoIQ's patented video analytics at a dramatically lower cost per channel. With the Rialto, the most accurate and reliable video surveillance solution on the market is now affordably available to businesses of all sizes. The Rialto A4 offers a 4-channel analog solution that easily integrates with most analogue cameras and offers reliable SSD edge storage. It is easy to install and use and also includes VideoIQ ViewÔ VMS software for immediate pro-active monitoring. The Rialto A4 is also a very cost effective way to add remote video monitoring services to your surveillance solution. The A4 is the first in the Rialto Analytic Bridge series. The industry’s most advanced, reliable analytics. VideoIQ’s award-winning adaptive analytics — based on pattern analysis rather than pixel analysis — are continuously self-calibrating and ready to use right out of the box for easy set-up and quick installation. With each object detected they become more accurate, reducing false alarms and ongoing maintenance while allowing security personnel to focus only on events of high interest. The most scalable solution for new and existing systems. Easily upgrade existing analog, thermal and PTZ camera networks with award-winning video analytics. The Rialto is designed to scale from two to multiple cameras, and does not impact bandwidth or network infrastructure, making it a perfect video surveillance choice for remote locations, perimeter security and challenging environments. On-board storage eliminates additional infrastructure. Unlike other video surveillance systems, the Rialto A4 offers either 40 or 160GB of Solid State Drive (SSD) distributed on-board storage. There’s no need to stream video to a central server, which reduces network traffic and bandwidth consumption by over 90%. System-wide notification enables faster response. Our View software has user-configurable, rules-based alerts that trigger automatic notifications to multiple VMS users when a real-time threat is detected. View is free to use and can be ready in 15 minutes. VideoIQ products also seamlessly integrate with most VMS providers.

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