MESSOA SCR515PRO with ICR Day/Night Switching to Capture Color Images at Night Conditions

The MESSOA SCR515PRO cameras met the challenging traffic surveillance requirements of Phutorn, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand. These ANPR/LPR cameras have aided local Thai police in resolving a number of serious traffic headaches, including hit and run drivers, speeding and common traffic infractions.

Officials have been especially impressed with SCR515PRO's recognition capabilities at night and in rainy conditions, and have been thrilled with the first-stage test results. They have decided to install more SCR515PRO cameras at major intersections all around the city.

"Our previous surveillance cameras were unsuitable for our needs," said one officer. "The images were blurry and almost useless. Oncoming car headlights would distort and blur out license plate numbers. It was all very frustrating." Needing an answer, they turned to MESSOA.