New version GS-02 Call Center product enhancements with TCP/IP support

Product Profile

The software manages the DigiTool Guard Patrol system to enable advanced staff duty monitoring and performance reporting.  Staff members on patrol collect location IDs and status events by placing readers (GC-01) on location tags (GA-01) or event wallets (GA-02, GA-12).  Information is then transferred to the DCC management system by placing the reader into the docking base (GC-02) and activating the data upload.

  • Fast simple network communication on existing intranet/internet
    The recent upgrade introduces a remote Ethernet network communication feature.  Using the existing Internet and intranet infrastructure it integrates a MD-N32 converter (RS-232 to TCP/IP) to enable the Call Center to connect to the network without phone modems synchronization.
  • Easy setup, easy configuration, no add-ons
    Although the networked FTP or P2P client-server still exists, the new communication method no longer needs a dedicated remote PC, making it easier, cheaper and faster to setup and support remote configuration.
  • A centralized management system
    Designed for smart decision-making, information is centrally accessible and optionally filtered.
  • Connects up to 256 serial to LAN/WAN remote sites
    The local area network (LAN) communication method can connect up to 256 serial to TCP/IP converters (MD-N32).  Each converter holds a single docking base (GC-02) that can upload data from any reader (GC-01).
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Technical Specification

Make Rosslare Security Products
Manufacturer Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.
Model code GS-02
Accessories Call Center PC Software
Additional info

The GS-02, DigiTool™ Call Center PC Software is a complete Guard Patrol Touring Solution for large scale distributed modem up/downloader points "Stations" used to manage clients, reports, tours, of over 500 patrolling guards over a geographic area with up to 10,000 locations.

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