Compare AXIS P3367-V with M3037-PVE  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
5 MP
Sensitivity lux
0.3 - 200000
Digital (DSP)
Focal length
3 ~ 9 mm
H.264 / MJPEG
H.264, MJPEG
Back Light Compensation
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/28000 ~ 2s
1/24500 ~ 2 s
Auto Gain Control

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Milestone Systems helps Chemist Warehouse cure surveillance ailments with IP video
Milestone Systems helps Chemist Warehouse cure surveillance ailments with IP video

Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, today announced that its IP Network Cameras are being used to monitor Chemist Warehouse's Australian retail network, as part of a major security system expansion supported by Milestone using its security software and surveillance management solution for Chemist Warehouse's expanding number of locations across the country. Chemist Warehouse has used Axis cameras for over five years with open platform IP network video software from Milestone Systems monitoring the surveillance system remotely. Currently, Chemist Warehouse has deployed a range of 1,500 Axis cameras across its 170 nationwide stores, including the AXIS M3014, P3344-VE, P1344 and P1346.  An additional 1,000 Axis indoor and outdoor IP network cameras will be installed in Chemist Warehouse's 40 new store locations by the end of 2011. "As our retail network is constantly expanding we needed a scalable, robust and reliable surveillance system," said Ryan Calvert, I.T Infrastructure Manager for Chemist Warehouse. "We knew from the outset that an open platform IP based system was the way to go, as it provides the back end to support evolving software applications and network integration.  There is no way an analogue solution could provision for our future surveillance needs - if we ever wanted to upgrade the network or deploy a new software application we would literally have to rip it out and start again." Calvert continued; "As with all Australian pharmacies, we stock a large variety of sought-after prescription and over-the-counter medications.  This means we have to adhere to a number of industry regulations, one of which is maintaining a reliable security network, so we cannot afford to have even one camera down. Our blind testing revealed that Axis' cameras have a less than a one per cent failure rate, compared to cameras from other vendors which generally had a failure rate of between four and five per cent." "We found that with most other vendors, as soon as the sale transaction was complete we never heard from them again.  This was not the case with Axis, we have developed a long lasting relationship with the local sales team who regularly check in to learn about our new business plans and evolving surveillance needs to ensure we always have the optimum solution in place," concluded Calvert. "The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated in Australia, due to the sensitive nature of the products sold. This makes security at any location that stocks medication of paramount importance," said Wai King Wong, Country Manager ANZ for Axis Communications. "Chemist Warehouse's decision to equip its stores with Axis cameras will provide the national retail network with an intelligent and reliable IP surveillance system. In addition, our open platform will allow Chemist Warehouse to easily add innovative software applications to its existing network as they are developed, future-proofing the investment and increasing its long term ROI." Angelo Salvatore, Country Manager for Milestone Systems Australia said: "At the heart of any IP video surveillance solution is its management software. Milestone XProtect® Enterprise enables Chemist Warehouse to manage, control, view, search and export the live or recorded image feed from the latest generation of new Axis network cameras, over hundreds of sites without complex networking and design considerations. By choosing the non-proprietary open platform Milestone IP video management solution, Chemist Warehouse has the ability to continually tailor the system to ensure it fits both the current and future needs of the organisation's security and business goals.  The deployment of Milestone XProtect Enterprise security management software in conjunction with best-of-breed Axis cameras provides Chemist Warehouse a winning combination for long-term loss prevention across the growing retail chain."

Axis Communication IP video system helps in loss prevention issues of retailer Paul Smith
Axis Communication IP video system helps in loss prevention issues of retailer Paul Smith

Axis’ IP video system provides facial recognition capabilities to alert store managers about shoplifters Mission Fast-growing retailer and fashion designer Paul Smith needed to replace an ageing, failing legacy analogue-based CCTV camera estate located in its 45 stores around the world. Paul Smith’s IT department therefore took over the management of the legacy cameras with a view to upgrading the whole system to IP video, over a three year period. To meet its targets Paul Smith needed a system that was capable of lasting at least 10 years. Therefore it required a network camera manufacturer which had global support capability, as well as retail sector expertise and a strong focus on research and development to future-proof the new investment. Solution After a painstaking evaluation process, Paul Smith selected Axis network cameras. The company specified AXIS M3014 Network Cameras in all stores, as part of the complete IP video upgrade, with most stores fitted with 8-12 cameras. Additionally, store rooms of some outlets were equipped with AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras. A total of over 550 cameras will have been installed by the end of the 3-year IP video upgrade programme in 2015. Centrally managed and future-proofed global network video Paul Smith is one of the UK’s leading retail and fashion success stories with major offices and showrooms in the key fashion centres of the world, including London, Milan, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Sydney and a significant retail presence in 35 countries worldwide. It currently has 24 stores in the UK. The company’s growth in the US and across Europe is accelerating with plans to open at least five new stores every year for the next five years. The business has annual sales exceeding £400m today. Founder Sir Paul Smith opened his first shop in his native Nottingham at the age of 24 in 1970 and has now established himself as the pre-eminent British fashion designer. Paul Smith’s Head of IT, Lee Bingham, looks for IP –based solutions which are capable of scaling quickly and effectively and can be managed within the corporate network. To simplify management and bring down costs he only specifies new IT devices and services which will last at least 10 years. "Managers can use this business intelligence to investigate further and make improvements. It is this sort of capability that we will be looking to offer to managers in the coming years" Paul Smith’s legacy CCTV estate had grown organically as the group expanded around the world. When the IT department was asked to take over the running of the CCTV systems, Lee Bingham insisted that it must be moved to IP, “If it’s not IP then it’s not IT, and therefore it made no sense to move its management from our Facilities Management team over to the IT department unless images were going to be accessible on the network by authorised managers from their desktops.” Paul Smith’s IT department researched the market, looking for robust, scalable IP video hardware and software. After a comprehensive evaluation Paul Smith chose Axis network cameras, together with Axis video encoders to integrate some of those existing CCTV cameras not being immediately replaced. Axis network cameras deliver images which are recorded on new local servers using Milestone XProtect® Corporate Video Management Software. The installation and networking of the new IP video system in 45 stores globally will take three years and is being carried out by Axis Partner A1 Data Comms. Six stores with known loss prevention issues were earmarked for a hybrid CCTV-IP solution to help deliver rapid results. In these stores AXIS Q7406 Video Encoder Blades were fitted into existing local CCTV servers, enabling current CCTV cameras to be integrated into Paul Smith’s new IP-based video surveillance system. 64 analogue cameras have so far been brought onto the network in this way. Result "There would be some logic in being able to integrate our CRM system with an IP video-based facial recognition system to ensure high value customers have the best possible experience in-store" Paul Smith is replacing an ageing and unmanageable CCTV estate with a state-of-the-art IP video system. This provides 100% store-wide coverage and HDTV 720p images in all its fully owned stores globally. AXIS M3014 is designed to fit into the same size ceiling void as a standard spotlight and is so discreet that it is often mistaken for a spotlight rather than a powerful HDTV network camera. Paul Smith is able to gather high quality images capable of use as evidence in a court of law. In the future it will also provide a platform to integrate video analytics software for dwell-time analysis, heat mapping, people counting, facial recognition and even CRM and Point of Sale systems integration. Lee Bingham, Head of IT, Paul Smith, said, “Just days after the Axis cameras were installed in Paul Smith’s new store in Beak Street, London, someone bought goods there with a fraudulent US-based credit card. Because the card wasn’t ‘Chip and Pin’ that person was able to complete the transaction but when we were alerted by the bank that this was fraudulent we were able to refer to the new system’s HDTV quality images to identify the suspect, show the fraudulent transaction in progress and then hand the evidence to the authorities.” “Our objective, as soon as the new IP video system has been rolled out globally, will be to build on this investment by extending its value beyond loss prevention. We will work closely with our retail management team to explore the power of the new system – potentially deploying techniques such as facial recognition, heat mapping and dwell-time analytics that enable us to better understand and serve our customers.” The new IP video system provides a cost effective platform for integrating facial recognition capabilities. Applications can be uploaded to local cameras, enabling managers to measure the time customers are spending interacting with a new line of clothing or getting advice from staff. Facial recognition can also be used to detect and alert store managers if known shoplifters or fraudsters enter the store. Lee Bingham continues, “We see specific value in knowing our best customers wherever we are serving them. We want our best online customers to be recognised as such when they come into store. There would be some logic in being able to integrate our CRM system with an IP video-based facial recognition system to ensure high value customers have the best possible experience in-store. Additionally, we know video analytics can be used to study how customers walk through a store. Heat mapping and dwell-time analytics software could be used to analyse which displays are working best to attract and retain shoppers. Managers can use this business intelligence to investigate further and make improvements. It is this sort of capability that we will be looking to offer to managers in the coming years.”

Axis Communications IP Cameras part of Stockholm Central Station's safety-improvement upgrade
Axis Communications IP Cameras part of Stockholm Central Station's safety-improvement upgrade

Mission Axis Network IP Cameras keep a watchful eye on Stockholm Central Station and City Terminal Jernhusen is a state-owned property company that owns and manages around a hundred properties along the Swedish railways. The biggest and by far the most visited properties are Central Station and City Terminal in Stockholm. In 2009, Jernhusen started the ‘Safe Station’ project, a combined initiative involving technology, surveillance and social activities. One component was to review camera surveillance. Jernhusen realized that the camera installation in the properties needed to be modernized to produce better image quality and more efficient surveillance. A decision was made to invest in IP-based cameras and a thorough procurement process was implemented.SolutionThe contract at City Terminal was awarded to Axis partner, Insupport. So far, 33 cameras have been installed in City Terminal and Central Station; 15 AXIS Q6034, ten AXIS P3364 and eight AXIS P8514 Network Cameras, together with six AXIS P7210 Video Encoders for the existing analogue cameras. The software that handles viewing/recording is Milestone XProtect® Corporate 5.0.ResultThe most important benefit of the new IP camera system is that Jernhusen now has a user-friendly, flexible system with better image quality and higher efficiency. Using the high-resolution camera images, it has been possible to help the police solve more crimes in a more efficient manner. The new system can easily be extended in terms of both cameras and functions as it is based on open technical platforms.