Compare HD4UX with HD70PX  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
Sensitivity lux
Dome Type
Variable Focus
Continuous Rotation
Digital (DSP)
Mount Type
Ceiling, Wall
12 VDC / 24 VAC
12 V DC
Focal length
Rotation Angleso
Tele: 36(D), 29(H), 22(V) / Wide: 123(D), 97(H)*
360 pan, 180 tilt
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/50 ~ 1/100,000
1/50 ~ 1/120,000
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
12 VDC: Internal, 24 VAC: Line lock
Signal Mode
Built-in IR LED

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Honeywell and Wireless CCTV brings motor sport action closer to SEAT's racing fans
Honeywell and Wireless CCTV brings motor sport action closer to SEAT's racing fans

The clientSEAT Sport UK is the motorsport division of SEAT UK which competes in the HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).  It is one of fifteen teams competing in the BTCC with two race-engineered SEAT Leon TDI cars.  It excels at everything it does and that includes offering its VIP guests an unrivalled experience on race days.The situationAs part of the BTCC season, SEAT Sport UK participates in 30 thrilling races.  Thousands of fans flock to the circuits on race days to experience Britain's biggest motor racing championship.SEAT Sport UK invites a selection of fans, sponsors and commercial partners to experience the race day from the exclusive vantage point that is its hospitality unit.  In 2008 it wanted to help the clients to see the events unfold in the garage as they happen. However, the 10 different BTCC races every season take place on different tracks around the UK. This means that the position of the hospitality area differs from race to race.  Situated in the centre of the circuits, they can be between 10 and 300m away from the garages (pits) and SEAT wanted to bring as much of the action to its guests as possible.SEAT Sport UK specified a CCTV camera that could be easily installed into any of the garage areas by one of its own team, and one that could be controlled and moved so as to focus on areas of action as they happen, transmitting live images to the hospitality areas.  The camera also needed to be robust and reliable to enable it to be transported, set-up and dismantled over the course of 10 weekends per year.  Additionally, around the garage and pit lane areas, there is an abundance of telemetry signals.  The CCTV system needed to be wireless and be able to transmit high resolution images via a clean signal without interfering with any of the diagnostic equipment or team telecommunications.The solutionWireless CCTV, one of Honeywell's leading installation partners, was invited to submit a proposal for a suitable solution.  Its first step was to undertake a complete assessment of SEAT Sport UK's requirements.Wireless CCTV concluded that the best solution was to provide a two way WCCTV 3G Compact system with an Orbiter PTZ 18X dome from Honeywell.The flexible mounting options of the dome ensured that the camera could be positioned in the optimum position to capture the very best images.  SEAT Sport UK can control the pan, tilt and zoom capabilities of the Honeywell Orbiter in the garage area using the bespoke software installed on a dedicated laptop.  The WCCTV 3G Compact system is contained within a reinforced shell (peli-case) together with its WiFi transmitter.  The unit features several connections for video, audio, alarm, telemetry and power.A dedicated team from Wireless CCTV trained the SEAT Sport team to install and dismantle the system.Scott Dennis, SEAT UK  Motorsport and Events Manager praised the system.  "We wanted to give our VIP guests something different, to let them experience and feel part of the team in the garage on race days.  The wireless CCTV system is easy to install and set-up via software on a laptop.  We experienced no connection problems.  It's easy to control and transmits high quality CCTV images which enhances the experience for our VIP guests."The benefits of the wireless CCTV systemA better experience  "It's easy to control and transmits high quality CCTV images which enhances the experience for our VIP guests" The wirelessly-transmitted, high quality images captured by the Honeywell Orbiter dome not only give SEAT Sport a ‘competitive' edge in terms of providing VIP hospitality services, but such technology can also be employed in a range of security applications on site.The Orbiter unit is very easy to install and operate.  As a result, it is ideally suited to applications where it needs to be regularly installed by non-specialist personnel.  This product was used because of its robustness and reliability meaning that it can withstand regular shipping, installation and dismantling in a very short space of time.  The system shows the clarity of pictures that can be remotely seen and controlled using the Orbiter and shows the range of environments in which the camera can work effectively. This solution uses the latest 3G mobile technology, with the optional addition of a WiFi or LAN connection, to maximise flexibility and portability.  The system provides fluid, high-resolution images irrespective of location or existing infrastructure.  This method makes the equipment ideal for short-term deployment projects. The system also operates on fixed, IP-based broadband technology, which offers high-speed, fixed-cost transmission networks suitable for live 24/7 monitoring. Partner of choiceWireless CCTV is a leader in the provision of wireless CCTV surveillance systems, combining the very latest technology from the fields of mobile telecommunications and CCTV.  Wireless CCTV offers overt and covert systems which can be located anywhere.  There are no geographical restrictions, which makes them ideally suited to combating crime in virtually any location.The products:Orbiter H5MG18CPVC1-TS PTZ DomeWCCTV 3G Compact

Honeywell provides StandardAero with comprehensive security solution
Honeywell provides StandardAero with comprehensive security solution

Founded in 1911, StandardAero is one of the world’s largest independent aviation service businesses. StandardAero specialises in maintenance, repair and overhaul for commercial, air transport, military, business and general aviation, industrial aircraft and helicopters. Its 4,000 employees located in 26 facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia serve customers from more than 80 different countries. StandardAero is always looking for a better way to provide excellent service to its customers, from developing proprietary repair processes to redesigning its facilities to make them among the most efficient in the world. The situation There’s no doubt about it: operators love their aircraft. When operators bring an aircraft to StandardAero for service, they want to stay with the plane throughout the entire maintenance process. They want to know who’s working on the airplane and want to interact with the crew as work moves forward to monitor progress personally. The challenge faced by StandardAero was how to keep the facility secure while simultaneously ensuring that visiting pilots, directors of maintenance and owners had unrestricted access to their planes. Under the company’s old visitor management procedure, a visitor had to remain in sight of an employee escort at all times. While availability of an escort wasn’t always an issue, StandardAero customers said they felt the process to be limiting. They worried that they posed an inconvenience to the staff, and felt the escort procedure added cost to the overall repair charges and diverted manpower away from the aircraft. “We began evaluating security solutions with two goals in mind:  It had to be as effective as a physical escort and invisible to our customers. We talked to our customers about what would best meet their needs,” said Melissa Maddox, vice president, legal risk management for StandardAero, “and we set out to develop a solution to balance regulatory requirements with those needs.” The solution Maddox had seen equipment tracked with a chip, showing an asset as a dot on a screen. Her vision was to put a chip in a customer’s badge and follow it with cameras. Consultant Mark Pickett of ABET Alliance, LLC, introduced Maddox to Chris Wise from Security 101, and she told him they needed an active system to protect the planes — that was completely invisible to customers. Wise helped turn the vision into reality. The first time a customer visits the StandardAero facility in Augusta, Georgia, he is given a picture ID badge that is programmed in the Pro-Watch security management system to grant access in authorised areas during his visit. As the visitor moves throughout the hangars, RFID sensors recognise the presence of a badge and activate the Honeywell cameras installed in each zone, and the security operator is able to track him through the facility on monitors integrated into Honeywell’s MAXPRO® VMS video management system.   Honeywell's cameras and MAXPRO VMS have been installed in the hangars to help monitor authorised access The benefits Rather than feeling as if they’re being followed and watched all the time, the Honeywell system gives StandardAero customers a greater sense of personal freedom and independence when they’re in the facility and helps them feel their aircraft is more secure, which benefits StandardAero. “We’re thinking of expanding our e-Escort programme to our other facilities,” Maddox said, “We’ve investigated other options but nothing seems quite as effective.” Additionally, while it remains unobtrusive for StandardAero’s customers, the system has gotten the attention of another important audience: the Department of Homeland Security. That agency is interested in implementing best practices for security programmes at airports and aviation repair stations in this country and has recently approached StandardAero to see how e-Escort works. “e-Escort helps us enhance the ownership and operating experience for our customers,” Maddox said. “Honeywell and Security 101 helped us provide the kind of solution expected of StandardAero by our customers.” The products MAXPRO® VMS video management system Pro-Watch® Corporate edition HD4 fixed dome cameras ACUIX™ PTZ dome cameras

Honeywell and BAM Techniek provide Ziekenhuis Amstelland Hospital with a safe and secure environment
Honeywell and BAM Techniek provide Ziekenhuis Amstelland Hospital with a safe and secure environment

Ziekenhuis Amstelland is a general hospital in the Netherlands that provides high quality medical care in a friendly environment and on a small scale, primarily to the residents of the Amstelveen region and to the Jewish community in particular. Following a large-scale new construction project that took place in 2009-2010, and with a major renovation of the old building during 2011, Amstelveen Hospital has transformed itself into a brand new hospital. In conjunction with this comprehensive project, security aspects were re-examined in great detail.  Even though the security already in place was good, the renovation and the newly built buildings created the need to reassess the entire security system. Additional areas had been added for short-term treatments, day patients and policlinic treatments. The number of operation rooms was expanded and more beds were added for intensive care and heart monitoring, as well as a specially designed acute emergency help area. This resulted not only in a significantly enlarged area that needed to be made secure, but also required security solutions to manage the expansion in the capacity to treat patients and the magnitude of the daily flow of people throughout the hospital. This resulted in the need for an optimised security system to safeguard personnel, patients, medicine supplies and the medical equipment becoming of vital importance. In designing the new security system, Amstelland Hospital called upon the expertise of BAM Techniek (Region Northwest in Benningbroek) - a Dutch installation firm that through years of good experience has become the preferred security installer for the Amstelland Hospital. "Why we chose BAM Techniek is actually very simple - they give good advice, taking into account future requirements" said Peter Karsman, Head of Facility Operations, Amstelland Hospital.  "As an example, they equipped the entire hospital with an IP infrastructure in 2003, which simplified the implementation of the new IP security solution." In this large-scale renovation, the primary need was the expansion of the camera system, as well as switching to an integrated IP security solution for inside the buildings and surrounding premises. The requirement was to register incoming traffic and to provide the most cost-effective way of monitoring medical areas, medical storage areas and expensive medical equipment. The importance of having a security surveillance system in place was already acknowledged in 2009 when an X-ray monitor valued at €30,000 went missing. The Solution For the selection of the right supplier, a tender was issued. "There are a lot of changes in the market, technology moves fast and we wanted to let our customer experience the differences in image quality" said Arjan Kleuver, Project Manager at BAM Techniek. "To do this, IP cameras from different suppliers were tested on location for a few weeks. The primary criteria in the selection of the right supplier were the transition from day to night, but the price-quality ratio also played an important role." For the test, Honeywell supplied the latest models of the Honeywell EQUIP® IP product range, namely the HD3MDIPX and the HD4MDIPX. These high definition True Day/Night mini-dome network cameras for indoor and outdoor usage are designed to deliver extremely sharp images with minimal bandwidth. "Not long after the trials had started it became clear that the Honeywell cameras were superior in the transition from day to night, delivered crisp high quality images, and exceeded their competition in price-performance ratio" added Karsman. In addition to the 90 Honeywell cameras, six Honeywell Fusion IV Network Video Recorders (NVRs)were installed with FVMS software. The powerful Fusion IV has the capacity to support up to 32 IP cameras and when combined, multiple Fusion IV NVRs can support hundreds of cameras, meeting the requirements of large-scale integrated IP systems like the one installed in Amstelland Hospital. "Honeywell cameras were superior in the transition from day to night, delivered crisp high quality images, and exceeded their competition in price-performance ratio" To complete the security system, the decision was taken to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition software (ANPR), which enables monitoring and number plate registration of all cars entering and leaving the building. By automatically logging the entrance time along with the car number plate, potential security risks can be managed with early warning alerts. The Benefits By installing the Honeywell high definition True Day/Night cameras for indoor and outdoor usage, ANPR software and Fusion IV NVRs with FVMS, Amstelland Hospital now has a robust integrated IP surveillance solution in place. This complete IP system is rarely seen in Dutch hospitals where analogue is often still deployed, despite the obvious advantages that IP offers such as cost savings, ease of installation and maintenance. For Amstelland Hospital the new IP system brought a significant improvement in efficiency gains. Thanks to the pre-installed motion detection settings, the cameras are only activated to record when motion occurs.  With the video management software, a site map can be preloaded, pinpointing the exact location where the incident is occurring. The Honeywell solution improves safety and enhances the quality of the information provided to security and reception personnel. In addition, the video management software makes it possible to preset a variety of user rights. This functionality is of crucial importance with regard to the Law for the Protection of Personal Data, and makes it possible to define who has viewer or data recapture rights for the recordings which ultimately are required to protect against illegal use of the images and guarantee the privacy of employees and patients. Choosing the Honeywell high definition cameras that require minimal bandwidth also enables substantial financial savings. The clear image quality and the problem-free transition from day to night registration ensure the continuity of reliable data collection and a good situational overview at all times. In the weeks following the installation of the Honeywell IP security solution, the system proved itself by capturing and preventing numerous break-in attempts and in solving a theft.