Compare DS-6601HFH with DS-6604HFI-SATA  (2)

Video Inputs
Audio Input
Alarm Input
Compression Type
Network Protocols
SADP(IP Finder), UDP, RTP and RTSP
1 RJ-45 10 M / 100 M /1000 Mbps adaptive Ethernet interface
1RJ-45 10 M / 100 Mbps self-adaptive UTP ethernet interface
Resolution TVL
1920 x 1080
Image per second (IPS)
1 / 16 ~ 25 / 30 / 50 /60 fps
30 fps
Data Input

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Latest Video server (IP transmission) case studies

LILIN IP-based solutions upgrade surveillance systems at TNB’s corporate branches in Malaysia
LILIN IP-based solutions upgrade surveillance systems at TNB’s corporate branches in Malaysia

The IP-based video surveillance system consists of a LILIN NVR recorder, HD video decoder, VMS software, and IP cameras Background Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is a leading utility company in Asia and the largest electricity utility in Malaysia. The company has been keeping the lights on in Malaysia since 1949, powering national development via the provision of reliable and efficient electricity. TNB servers an estimated 8.3 million customers in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Labuan, and the company needed to convert their analogue systems to IP video systems for its new office in Subang Jaya, Selangor and the rest of branches across 10 different locations. Surveillance system upgrade: Analogue to IP TNB recently upgraded the surveillance system at its 10 corporate branches in Malaysia to an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of a LILIN NVR recorder (NVR116D), HD video decoder (VD022), VMS software (CMX), and more than 120 units of LILIN IP cameras including IR outdoor bullet cameras (LR7022), stylish embedded domes (LR2322), and IR vandal domes (LR6122). Security products installed: Day & Night 1080P HD Vari-Focal Dome IR IP Camera - LR2322EX3.6 ×65 pcs Day & Night 1080P HD IR IP Camera - LR7022EX3.6 ×28 pcs Day & Night 1080P HD Vandal Resistant Dome IR IP Camera - LR6122EX3.6 ×34 pcs 1080P Real-time Multi-touch 16 Channel Standalone NVR - NVR116D H.264 1080P Real-Time HD Video Decoder - VD022 Video Management Software - CMX LILIN surveillance system features & benefits LILIN NVR systems are embedded; they are recognised for their stability essential in various environments, whereas PC dependent solutions have a reputation for crashing without warning. End-users are impressed with the remote viewing and touch-screen monitor features. LILIN surveillance solutions provide dependable round-the-clock monitoring of multiple branches that are spaced a significant distance apart from each other.

Sony video surveillance, alarms, and access control systems deployed at Beijing Subway
Sony video surveillance, alarms, and access control systems deployed at Beijing Subway

Sony deployed a combination of analog cameras and network cameras to implement HD monitoring along Changping line Background The Beijing Subway serves the city’s urban and suburban districts, considerably relieving pressure on other types of public transportation. Total operating track length is projected to reach 420 km in 2012, and a new 31.24-km Changping line runs north from downtown Beijing to suburban Changping, with stops at an innovation center, Life Science Park, technology park, Shahe University Park, the old part of Changping, the eastern area of newer Changping, and the Ming Tombs scenic area. Sony began providing video security solutions to the Beijing Subway in 2006, and Sony technology is now incorporated in lines 1, 2, 4, 5, and 10. Challenges There are a number of challenges in designing effective safety measures for the Beijing Subway, which serves a dense and highly mobile population and carries large numbers of passengers. It serves both downtown and the suburbs, with stops both above and below ground. And its 12 security systems – including video surveillance, alarms, access control, and communications – must be mutually compatible. Solution Sony solution Sony is deploying a combination of analog cameras and network cameras to implement high-definition monitoring along the Changping line. Wide-angle color cameras and vandal-resistant dome cameras are installed at entrances and exits – areas where lighting conditions vary greatly and where 24-hour monitoring is required. These systems provide wide coverage and capture facial features and other important object details. These cameras connected with advanced face detection systems are installed near escalators, stairs, ticket offices, elevators, and security gates. If one of these cameras detects an incident, it can lock on the suspect while at the same time sending an alarm, together with images, to the management system. Consequently, managers are on the alert as needed. Analog ultra-low-light dome cameras are deployed in the relatively dark and spacious underground passages. These cameras cover a wide angle and generate high-quality images: bright, with low noise, and with no trailing. They automatically switch between day mode and night mode to work under both daytime and night-time lighting. Analog rapid dome cameras, with 36x optical zoom, are installed within crowded station hallways to provide robust monitoring, with the ability to capture facial details and generate alarms. Sony intelligent network video encoders and Sobey decoders are used to provide faster, more efficient data transmission and video management. Results Sony cameras deliver three important advantages: they work under wide dynamic lighting conditions; they work under low light; and they automatically switch between day mode and night mode. As a result, they provide excellent HD monitoring services at security checkpoints, gates, platforms, and escalators. Together with SNT-EX104 Intelligent Network Video Encoders and the Sobey decoders, they deliver an effective management platform for HD monitoring.

LILIN cameras and NVRs provide security at Beijing ZhongLiang WanKe shopping mall
LILIN cameras and NVRs provide security at Beijing ZhongLiang WanKe shopping mall

Background Wangke Corporation selected LILIN cameras and NVRs to provide security at the Beijing ZhongLiang WanKe shopping mall and entertainment centre in Beijing, China. BeijingZhongLiangWanKe shopping mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Beijing city at 155,000 square metres, with more than 35 restaurants, 300 shops, office space, and cinemas. Mission BeijingZhongLiangWanKe shopping mall required a solid security presence in order to keep employees, the general public and properties secure and safe. The key objectives were continuous monitoring of surveillance of storefronts, each store cash register areas, and shopping centre halls.  Solutions The mall required high-resolution image detail, while the size of the facility required a large number of different types of cameras. The shopping mall installed 398 units of LILIN cameras, including camera models of LR6122, LR7722, IPS6224, IPS7224, PIH254, video encoder VS012, video decoder VD022, and NVR model of NVR116 meet the surveillance needs of shopping centre.   Two-megapixel IR dome (LR6122) and IR bullet cameras (LR7722) feature the design to meet both indoor and outdoor environments. These cameras are perfectly designed for exits, entrances, cashier in stores, public open areas, and car park. LILIN 22X HD megapixel speed dome (IPS6224) and WDR speed dome (IPS7224), deliver clear images in poor lighting conditions. The PoE based NVR the shopping mall adopted supports 16-channel at 1080p playback, and NVR also supports dual-stream recording.