Outdoor Video Motion Detector - V8101P - from Detection Systems

Product Profile

  • Compact and compatible - fits into virtually any existing CCTV system, input and output contacts connecting to standard cameras and monitors
  • False alarm reduction - adaptive image processing automatically compensates for typical changes in the camera(s) view such as light changes and moving foliage
  • Pre-set "zones" of movement - allowing users to specify size & perspective of moving objects across a designated portion of the video camera(s) field of view for motion detection purposes
  • Monitoring of alarm scenes - the video monitor displays live images, maintains a historical buffer of 16 images and alarm scenes are graphically displayed, indicating intrusion signal and path

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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Model code V8101P
Video Inputs 1
Video Outputs 1
Relay Contacts A, V 1A, 30 V
Additional info Digital image analysis, multi-level: changes in illumination, texture and motion, for indoor and especially outdoor applications. Superimposed in video out signal, red margin: initial position; yellow margin: present position; green: trajectory (black & white lines if using CCIR signals). Pre-alarm images 5 images - Post-alarm images 11 images.
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