ADPRO FastTx - The next generation transmission product

Product Profile

ADPRO FastTx is based around the highly successful ADPRO FastTrace family and replaces its predecessors – FastScan and FastVu – in offering cost-effective, high-performance management and control of remote site video, compliant to BS8418. BS8418 is the first British standard to cover the installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems. It specifies best practice installation and monitoring, and has been adopted by the UK police as a mandatory requirement for rapid response.

Fully scalable platform

Unlike ADPRO's higher end ADPRO FastTrace, the ADPRO FastTx will not be able to record. However it will contain a hard-drive. Therefore, over-and-above the software upgrade, no additional hard-drives are need to be installed to achieve full ADPRO FastTrace recorder functionality. A list over the key Features and Benefits is attached:

Key features

  • System can be programmed to call Central station and transmit three alarm images per event on the activation of an alarm event or a system event eg alarm input being activated or a camera failure
  • Video transmitted using a customised implementation of the H.263 compression algorithm
  • When viewing live video, using VM22A audio switcher, associated live audio can be monitored.
  • Up to four users can connect simultaneously over different communication links to view live video
  • Provide features and functions that enable an easier installation of a BS8418 compliant system.
  • Transaction interface enables transactions (EPOS, ATM) to be displayed with live video
  • Integral Activity Detection can be used to initiate event.
  • Up to 30 monitored external alarm inputs that can be assigned to vary or initiate recording on any combination of cameras
  • All events can be logically combined
  • Remote operation over a range of communication links including PSTN, ISDN and LANs/WANs
  • Output activated on system failure to clearly notify fault
  • Bandwidth throttle allows the maximum data rate to be limited to a user selectable maximum
  • Three communications ports: Comms1, 2 and Ethernet (100/10 BaseT)
  • Can be upgraded to FastTrace digital recording functionality
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer Xtralis
Model code FastTx
Transmission type High-End
Video Inputs 10
Alarm Inputs 4 ~10
Telemetry Control Yes
Functions PTZ
Network Properties Network Protocols: 10 Base T/100 Base T Ethernet port supporting TCP/IP
Image Frame Rate: 25
Physical Specifications Weight g: 220
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 100~240AC
Power Consumption: 100 mA
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 40
Operating Humidity %: > 90% non condensing
Additional info Vision Systems, ADPRO remote video transmission product is the benchmark for live transmission of outstanding quality video and audio. Developed to satisfy the most stringent requirements, ADPRO FastTx encompasses years of technological leadership of the video transmission market for security and surveillance applications.  ADPRO FastTx utilises LAN/WAN network systems or data links to protect and monitor your sites, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.
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