Visonic multi-door proximity access control system

Product Profile

PROX-IN-A-BOX™ is easy to install, program and operate.  No PC is required to install or operate the system's standard four-door controller.  The two proximity readers and 25 ultra-thin, durable proximity ISO cards included in the starter kit help you create the kind of access control solution you want.  Installing PROX-IN-A-BOX™ is as easy as installing an alarm system.  Expandable up to 4 controllers for 16 doors with 4 inputs per door, Proximity readers and cards included, 3,000 keys and 1,000 events capacity.  Convenient starter kit: PIAB-1 CONTROL UNIT
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Technical Specification

Make Visonic
Manufacturer Visonic Ltd.
Model code PIAB-KIT
Series Prox-In-A-Box Series
Standalone/ Networked/ PC Networked
Reader Type Card Swipe
Max Doors per Controller 16
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: 0 to 50
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 459 x 382 x 102
Additional info Expandable up to 4 controllers for 16 doors. 3000 access card codes, 1000 events per controller. 4000 ft maximum distance between endpoint controllers, 10 lb. Power input: 14-16V AC, 50 VA. Current consumption: 3A Max. Backup Battery: 12V / 7AH. Memory capacity: 3000 access card codes, 1000 events per controller. Inputs (x 4 doors): Request-to-exit, supervised. Door position, supervised. 2 programmable inputs, supervised. Outputs: 4 lock relays, NO/NC dry contact, 8A / 28V AC or DC 2 auxiliary relays, NO/NC dry contact.
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