Vanderbilt (formerly known as Siemens Security Products) SI410UK - Sintony® control panel 16 – 464 zones, English

Product Profile

Security is a growing issue for businesses of all sizes, not just because of the potential costs of security breaches (damage to buildings, theft, etc.), but increasingly because of the negative impact security incidents can have on a business's future.  Indeed, business recovery is now at the forefront of security concerns.

From security to risk management...

It is important to limit the time an intruder has inside a building, to prevent theft of assets or valuable commercial data, or damage/corruption of these same assets or data.

Intrusion systems have a key role to play in this.  Reliable detection provides immediate alerts in case of an attempted unauthorised entry.  Alarm transmission over versatile communication channels (PSTN, ISDN, GSM and increasingly IP) ensures alerts are received at the monitoring centre or control room every time.  Alarm verification tools enable an appropriate and immediate response to events.

Vanderbilt (formerly known as Siemens Security Products) understands that the level of sophistication and functionality required in intrusion systems is driven by the size of the business they cover.  The range of Intrunet™ intrusion systems caters for applications of all sizes, from simple intrusion prevention for smaller businesses to more sophisticated functionality in large premises or multi-site operations.

The Intrunet™ range of professional intrusion systems offers everything modern security demands and more: compliance with European standards, scalability, modularity, superior detection capability, highest false alarm immunity, functional customisation and integration, as well as support for alarm management and response services, to name but a few.

The comprehensive portfolio includes motion detectors for Grade 2 to Grade 4 applications, glass break and seismic detectors with sophisticated signal processing, as well as control panels that provide reliable alarm transmission and flexible on-site or remote alarm verification for all applications.

From risk management to operational performance optimisation

Many factors affect operational performance and security is increasingly one of them.  Material damage, injuries to staff/customers (and the resulting legal implications), disruption to services leading to lost sales opportunities, image loss for the larger organisations (impacting on competitiveness) - all of these and more can be lessened through effective security measures.

Studies also show that many of the businesses that have suffered lengthy interruptions following security issues never fully recover.  This is why damage limitation is at the heart of any security system.

With Intrusion systems, this means adding layers of intrusion detection at every step: from perimeters to buildings, and all the way through to valuable assets.

The Vanderbilt (formerly known as Siemens Security Products) Intrunet range of internal and external motion detectors, glass break and seismic detectors, builds on in-depth knowledge of sophisticated detection technologies: all offer intelligent signal processing, for reliable intrusion detection and effective discrimination against false alarms.

  • For all indoor and outdoor applications
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • Installation-friendly design

Choosing the right intrusion system - help is at hand

Whilst large organisations tend to be better protected, small to mid-size businesses still often find it hard to invest in security.  Regardless of the circumstances, with so many systems to choose from, knowing which will give the right security answer can be a daunting task for end-users, installers and consultants alike.

When it comes to intrusion systems, many factors need to be considered, including:

  • demand for system expansion
  • migration to new technologies
  • customisation at an affordable price

So intrusion systems must be flexible enough to grow and evolve, without jeopardising the customer's initial investment.

To help security professionals choose the appropriate systems for given applications, Vanderbilt (formerly known as Siemens Security Products) has launched the first of its "application" security brochures, which provides a targeted positioning of its intrusion systems within small, medium and large retail applications.

Given the trend towards an holistic approach to security from end-users, these brochures also put Intrusion systems in an interoperability context, with practical examples of the security challenges faced, in this first "application" brochure, by retailers of all sizes, and showing how varied security issues can be addressed with the right level of interoperability between access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance systems.

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Technical Specification

Make Vanderbilt
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code SI410UK
Series Intrunet SI Series
Control Panels & Accessories Yes
No of Zones 32 zones
Keypad Operated Yes
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 500 x 365 x 183
Additional info

Central alarm control unit with integrated communicator.  16 to 464 addressable inputs.  11 to 154 programmable outputs.  Up to 16 partitions (up to 8 rooms per partition).  32 verification zones.  7 different methods of alarm verification.  Functional integration with CCTV and access control.

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