TDSi EXgarde and VUgarde integrated solutions

TDSi is a leader in providing integrated security solutions. With TDSi’s EXgarde and VUgarde software solutions, security professionals are improving the efficiency of their security systems. TDSi’s EXgarde Access Control System has the ability to manage thousands of doors in multiple sites with a large number of daily users. TDSi’s VUgarde video management system offers a powerful, yet straightforward approach to digital video management, providing support for analogue, IP and hybrid cameras. Combining VUgarde with EXgarde provides a single software solution for all security requirements. TDSi provides seamless integration of these two systems, combining video with access control and alarm management. With a single platform security personnel can respond to incidents faster and more effectively, significantly boosting security while reducing operational costs. As security systems become more complex, TDSi’s intuitive and easy-to-use integrated solutions are providing simple solutions, ensuring that security operators can concentrate on their core duties and deal with any situations efficiently.