Enzo Hruby Foundation & Samsung Secures a Church in Milan with Latest Video Surveillance Technology

For over 6 centuries, the Milan cathedral has been celebrated as one of the world's finest examples of unique sculpture and architectural masterpieces and as the very symbol of the city of Milan.

Following a security incident in July 2013 the Enzo Hruby foundation collaborated with Samsung Techwin Security Division to provide the latest video surveillance technology in a prestigious protection project to update the monument's security.

A modern video surveillance system of the latest generation was installed, with 20 remotely managed HD night vision cameras operating 24 hours a day. Several cameras were also installed in strategic points around the perimeter and on the rooftop terraces. The new cameras are integrated with the images from the urban video surveillance system connected to the video analysis system, that can detect and classify suspicious activity and objects. Umbra Control from Perugia was responsible for the project.

The Enzo Hruby foundation and Samsung Techwin have also been called on to protect the Duomo's museum, which contains works of art of notable worth, which require specifically studied protection systems to be kept safe.

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