Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher key control and management system installed at University of California San Francisco

The University of California San Francisco has three main campuses and a student, faculty and staff population of over 25,000. Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher key control and management system is being used to keep the keys of over 30,000 doors across the campuses safe. KeyWatcher is designed to release keys to pre-authorized users only, as well as record and track all access activity.

The Morse Watchmans key control system at the university has been expanded to encompass more than 25 key control cabinets. The cabinets, which have illuminated key slots and robust structures, are tamper-free and have eliminated concerns regarding lost or duplicated staff keys. Specially designed key rings are used to store master keys in each of the KeyWatcher cabinets, preventing confusion over the thousands of door keys that need managing.

Bob Norton, the University Locksmith, says “A key control system is essential to maintain order and manage the keys. The Morse Watchmans system performs this function perfectly.” Overall, the system is a reliable and easily customizable one, which has successfully taken care of the Universities vital access control needs.