Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher® Touch and mobile applications

Hello my name is Joe Granitto I’m with Morse Watchmans I’m the director of Technical Solutions. We’re here at Security Essen this week showing our latest products.

What we have over here, is our KeyWatcher® Touch product, this system is a three module cabinet, it’s a very flexible system, you can have keys you can have cards we can mix lockers in there, simply press the start button, scan your finger and you wait a second, (beeping) the door opens.

So this is the simplest feature, the quickest way to get a key. So we have many different systems here, they’re all networked together, they’re all linked back to a central server, where all the systems can communicate transactions back to one location.

This is our iPad application, our iPhone it’s an iOS app, we also have this for Android, which allows you to view reports, check out transactions, cancel alarms, disable alarms and many other features as well.