AMAG Technology's Symmetry Access Control System At Western State Hospital

Western State Hospital is a state psychiatric hospital operated by the Virginia Department of Behavorial Health and Development Services. AMAG Technology’s Symmetry access control system was chosen for its functionality and ability to customise and integrate with third party systems. Patients wear a wristband that serves as their access credential. Symmetry integrates with CenTrak, a real-time locating system, to allow tracking of patients using an RFID chip.

The wristbrand opens patient rooms and other doors appropriate for the patient’s level of treatment. Patients are assigned a 'tag' on their wristband, and when granted permission to go someplace,say, the gym, the doors along this 'tour' are enabled for their wristband for the period of time specified. If a patient varies from this 'tour', staff are notified via Symmetry. Access is defined for each patient based on levels. If a patient is doing well the treatment team can change the patient’s access level instantly in Symmetry and grant more privileges.

Using Symmetry Video, alarms pop-up on the video matrix for a large view of the area and are displayed on Symmetry’s Graphical map screen to pinpoint the exact location. Visitors receive premade access cards with pathway access to the patient care unit they are visiting.