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AMAG Technology, Inc. Overview:

AMAG Technology is a provider of fully integrated security solutions throughout the world, protecting everything from small offices and schools to large multi-national organizations and high security Government facilities. The company has been serving and protecting customers for over 40 years, delivering 30,000 systems across 110 countries by working together and listening to our clients’ individual needs.

Every AMAG Technology security solution provides the most advanced products available, allowing users to migrate to new technology in a cost effective way.  At the heart of the AMAG Technology solution is the Symmetry™ Access Control and Integrated Security Management System. Symmetry offers users the next generation of security solutions, bringing the core aspects of building security to intelligent, unified solutions. The cutting edge technology within every Symmetry installation ensures ‘tight integration’ where there is seamless multi-way communication between the various technologies (including access control, video, visitor management, smart card and biometrics) all on one single platform. This delivers unprecedented levels of system intelligence that can create alerts only at times of potential risk.

AMAG Technology Access Control and Integrated Security Systems can be found worldwide in a diverse range of business sectors including government, education, finance, transportation, healthcare and utilities.

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AMAG Technology, Inc. news

PSIA to showcase commercial implementation of the Virtual PLAI Experience at ISC West 2020

In 2019, the PSIA decided to have one of the most compelling demonstrations for its PLAI specification at ISC West 2020. It would rely on a cloud-based agent, which would allow attendees to badge and authenticate at various vendor’s stands who had implemented the spec. In 2020, technical development was progressing well and eight vendors were set to have PLAI implemented in devices and systems at their various booths and suites in Las Vegas. Of course, ISC West was cancelled, but the group was able to do a quick reset for a Virtual PLAI Experience six weeks later. Synchronising identity data The reception for the Virtual PLAI Experience was impressive, with over 400 people registered. On May 20, the event took place, with PLAI-enabled products in three countries (U.S., Ireland, and Switzerland) and seven states (Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and Colorado) participating. The demonstration was conducted on Zoom which showed not only the main PLAI dashboard with products passing and synchronising identity data, but also each participant’s product performing after card authentication. PACS and biometric systems The members of the PSIA were particularly gratified to see the enthusiastic response to our PLAI demonstration" David Bunzel, PSIA Executive Director, noted, “The members of the PSIA were particularly gratified to see the enthusiastic response to our PLAI demonstration. Hard work by the participating companies allowed us to show PLAI performing in a real-world environment similar to how it will be used in commercial implementations.” Two weeks later the PSIA hosted a Q&A session with industry professionals which provided time for deeper discussions on how PLAI could be deployed in enterprise applications. “The PSIA has demonstrated that PLAI is ready for commercial deployment,” said Consuelo Bangs, Sr. Program Manager at Idemia Identity & Security. “Our ability to pass identity data to multiple PACS and biometric systems and synchronise them in real time will offer a significant benefit to our customers.” Significant commercial implementations The PSIA has a video recording of the Virtual PLAI Experience on its site and is working on a condensed version of the demo to share with industry professionals. Momentum is building in the market for PLAI with a number of commercial implementations in large enterprise customers in process. “PLAI is satisfying a critical requirement for some of our large customers,” said Stuart Tucker, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at AMAG Technology. “We expect to announce some significant commercial implementations of PLAI this year.”

Hikvision launches Optimus software to offer seamless integration with HikCentral platform

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, announces the launch of Hikvision Optimus – a system-level middleware product, for integration of events, alarms and data synchronisation between HikCentral and other systems like access control, building management systems, and IoT devices. For example, integrating HikCentral with access control systems via Optimus software helps customers operate more efficiently. This integration enables users to quickly and easily receive door alarms, grant or deny access, and synchronise user credentials in both systems. Continuous integrated operations Optimus middleware features connectors that bridge third party systems with HikCentral, regardless of their coding standards. This ensures a long-term, uninterrupted, continuous integrated operations. Optimus offers a wide range of advantages: The majority of use cases can be completed using only one connector as Optimus integrates multiple products and systems. The easy-to-use graphical interface enables integrators with no programming skills to build custom ‘if-this-then-that’ scenarios to match exact customer needs. Third parties can develop their own connectors with Optimus based on their own API/SDK and thus achieve rapid integration times. A built-in health monitoring function provides the operator with a real-time insight into the integration status. Truly scalable approach The Optimus product comes with a flexible and distribution-friendly licencing structure for the connectors. This structure allows connector developers to stay in control of usage, yet determine pricing at their own discretion. “We are very excited to launch an offering that represents a completely new and truly scalable approach to integration with HikCentral. Optimus will enable Hikvision installers and technology partners to easily integrate their systems with HikCentral,” says James Iacuessa, Senior Product Manager from Hikvision. Based on its third-party software development kit (SDK), Hikvision has created a number of connectors with Optimus software: Paxton NET2 AMAG Symmetry

AMAG Technology launches Symmetry Business Intelligence to provide critical information through data analysis

AMAG Technology, a G4S company, expands its security offering with Symmetry Business Intelligence, a robust analytics engine designed to provide critical information via data analysis. Organisations can use the data from their access control system to determine if an employee or contractor is displaying abnormal behaviour. AMAG Technology is a pioneer in unified security solutions that helps organisations mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and lower the overall cost of a security program. Risk score methodology Symmetry Business Intelligence analyses how a person’s access activity is tracked and patterns established based on a risk score methodology. Anomalous behaviour may raise a person’s score, and high-risk identities are flagged in a dashboard. Scores are generated based on the reader location, time of day and a user’s access patterns Dashboards within Symmetry Business Intelligence provide the security team with an at-a-glance look at identities with the highest risk scores. Scores are generated based on the reader location, time of day and a user’s access patterns. Symmetry Business Intelligence helps to easily identify the employees, contractors and other identities that may pose the highest risk to a company. Cloud-based security systems “Symmetry Business Intelligence highlights anomalous behaviour, helping organisations discover unauthorised access patterns and possible threats worthy of further investigation,” said AMAG Technology, President, Howard Johnson. “It’s a natural extension of any security program.” Keeping in line with AMAG’s commitment to providing open solutions, Symmetry Business Intelligence has been designed from the ground up to easily integrate with other systems. Over the past five years, AMAG has released Symmetry CONNECT identity management, Symmetry GUEST visitor management and Symmetry incident management, all open, cloud-based security systems designed to provide more flexibility and options for the end-user.