Read and write data with Idesco elegant Access 9CM

Product Profile

The Idesco Access 9CM multipurpose Mifare® r/w reader is designed to be used in applications where data on the transponder needs to be updated during the reading transaction.  Such applications include access control, data collection, payment applications and people identification in various environments.

The Idesco Access 9CM reader supports:
  • normal Mifare® commands as well as some additional commands
  • all standard Mifare® cards (1Kbyte, 4 Kbyte)
  • RS 232 interface
  • Mifare ProX is also supported, if the ProX card is in the Mifare® standard emulation mode

Access 9CM is also available as a module for OEM's.  The reader has an elegantly designed housing and is available with many colour options to choose from.  It also has a wooden housing option.

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Technical Specification

Make Idesco
Manufacturer Idesco
Model code Access 9 CM
Standalone/ Networked/ PC Networked
Additional info Access 9 CM reader is designed for reliable and secure access control, data collection and people identification in various environments. This reader reads and writes data to sectors of Mifare transponders. The reader supports RS232 interface. Carrier frequency: 13.56 MHz. Available in grey and black colour.
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