Mercury PIR technology from Electronics Line

Product Profile

Electronics Line has released the Mercury range of PIRs.  All models within the range enjoy a universal casing ensuring aesthetic consistency and ease of installation.  Their standard hi-spec offers 40v/m to 1Ghz RFI immunity, 1,200 lux white filter and insect trap with foam seal.  Within the range, each detector has been developed to address specific needs and preferences:
  • Standard installations - the Mercury 100 for all regular detection applications
  • Quad detection - the Mercury 400 for quad protection preferences
  • High temperature - the Mercury 500 offers increased sensitivity to heat and light, particularly suitable for kitchens and conservatories
  • Animal “intelligence” - the Mercury 52c, pet immunity which identifies but ignores animal movements
  • High risk areas - the Mercury 1000 offers the latest in digital technology to ensure highly accurate detection

All models are offered with a 10-year warranty.
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Technical Specification

Make EL Mercury
Manufacturer Electronics Line UK Limited
Model code EL-100
PIR Detectors Yes
Coverage/ Range m 15 x 15 m coverage
Angle of Detection o 90 o detection angle
Selectable Pulse Count Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Additional info with insect trap with foam seal, 40 v/m - 1GHz RFI immunity, look down detection zone, end of line resistor and remote LED disable connections, full lens library. Super immune version available - 12000 lux white lighter filter plus 60v/m-1GHz RFI immunity EL 120.
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