Explosives and chemical detection distributors in Australia (12 found)

ALNPK Consulting is a global partner in the acquisition, distribution and sale of Quality CCTV companies and equipment.

Endeavor Robotics (Formerly known as iRobot Defense & Security) is a supplier of battle-hardened UGVs worldwide.

Fire Protection Technologies is a specialist fire protection company focused on the protection of unique and special hazard applications and fire risks. With their extensive expertise in providing design and engineering solutions, they strive to provide the right solution for any given hazard.

IPS BODYGUARD is a protection, safety and private security agency specialized in close protection, surveillance and home security and events security. Skills areas : - Risk assessment and security audit as well as analysis of economic markets, - Fight against terrorism, prevention of theft and aggression, anticipation of danger

Shoghi Communications Ltd. has been recognised as one of the fastest growing defense technology company globally holding leading market position with reliability and responsiveness in Communication Intelligence and Information Processing Systems, Jamming Systems for Radio Operated IED, Signal Processing and Data Acquisition Systems, High Resolution Processed Satellite Imagery, Military Grade Encryption, Cyber Security and Warfare Systems.

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