TeleEye NXR - Professional video management & recording solution

Product Profile

TeleEye NXR is a complete video management and recording solution designed for TeleEye NX network cameras and video server.  It is a series of pioneering application software with following advantages:
  • Independent resolution & frame rate settings
  • No compromise on recording & network viewing performance
  • Recording videos from up to 64 TeleEye NX devices in one PC
  • Maximum recording frame rate: 200/240fps at D1; 400/480fps at CIF
  • Supporting standard date redundancy solution, e.g. RAID
  • Live viewing from up to 16 TeleEye devices in one PC

Scalable and flexible network configuration

With TeleEye proprietary SMAC-M video compression technology, up to 64 NX devices can be accommodated into one network without the concern of affecting the overall recording and network viewing performance.  It provides independent resolution and frame rate settings.  The system is highly scalable and expandable by adding more network cameras and video servers you need. 

Mobile and portable video surveillance

TeleEye M-303 mobile video monitoring software offers live video on users' mobile phones while they are on the move.  Moreover, users can also view their live video on the Internet with proprietary TeleEye sureLINK technology.  Remote surveillance is truly anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

By using TeleEye NX, users can build an integrated, scalable, wired or wireless IP & mobile surveillance solution over existing network infrastructure.

TeleEye NXR video management solution:


16-channel recording server (bundled with 1pc WX-M16)


32-channel recording server (bundled with 1pc WX-M16)


64-channel recording server (bundled with 1pc WX-M16)


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Technical Specification

Make TeleEye
Manufacturer TeleEye Europe Ltd.
Model code NXR-64
Software Type Management Software
Additional info 64-channel recording server, bundled with 1pc WX-M16.  Maximum recording frame rate: 200/240fps at D1; 400/480fps at CIF.  Supporting standard date redundancy solution, e.g. RAID.  Resolution up to 720 x 570.  Up to 25 fps per device.
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