Siveillance SiteIQ integrated software solution

Siemens' Siveillance SiteIQ Wide Area is an automated large-scale video surveillance solution that transforms traditional physical security systems by combining camera and other sensor (intrusion, fire detection, access control etc.) input. It provides reliable protection for industrial facilities, transportation hubs and byways such as seaports and airports, water treatment facilities and other critical infrastructure by continuously monitoring sites through intelligent policy zones and virtual barriers - even across water. It detects, tracks, and classifies activity in real time, filtering critical events from camera and other sensor input, displaying the results on a comprehensive digital map of the entire site - on a single screen. This enables operators to see exactly what is happening at any time throughout the whole site. Integrated 3D analytics determine object attributes in absolute "real-world" coordinates. This requires fewer cameras and helps lower infrastructure cost compared to 2D analytics.