SightLogix system - Detecting targets against a moving background

The SightLogix® Automated Outdoor Video System is designed to detect, track and zoom in on intrusions over large perimeters and outdoor areas.

The SightLogix solution includes long range Visible and Thermal SightSensor™ security cameras, wide-area WideView SightSensor security cameras, SightTracker™ automated PTZ/Dome camera controllers for target identification, and SightMonitor™ coordination and GPS target location topology map display software.

The SightLogix intelligent video surveillance system is a complete edge solution built on open standards. All security alerts and video streams are delivered seamlessly into existing video management display and archiving systems, eliminating any need for middleware, custom integration or additional equipment.

SightLogix systems are available in fixed, rapid deployment or mobile deployment. The net-centric SightLogix system is designed to operate over low-bandwidth wireless networks and can run on solar/battery power.