SightLogix: Manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems designed specifically for outdoors

SightLogix solutions have been deployed around the world to address the serious outdoor security needs of a wide range of customers in the global security market. These include the transportation, chemical, petroleum & gas, utility, information technology and defence industries, customers which also serve as reference installations. Increasing concerns for security and safety have made automated outdoor protection a necessary part of security designs. Globally, government budgets often provide funding for such security requirements; in particular, the U.S. government details specific funding allocations for the security of seaports, airports, rail systems and is ramping-up regulatory mandates for chemical facilities and utilities.

SightLogix has developed a uniquely capable outdoor surveillance solution - the SightLogix Outdoor Video System - that enables effective outdoor security management while also lowering costs. SightLogix has built high-profile customer references and strategic industry partnerships in the rapidly expanding global market for automated outdoor security solutions.