SightLogix highlights outdoor video analytics system

The SightLogix automated outdoor video system solution accurately detects, provides assessment detail, and locates intrusions over large outdoor areas and site perimeters in the toughest outdoor environments. It offers easy integration with existing systems; end-to-end data security and all components are built for the toughest outdoor applications.

The system includes thermal and long-range detection cameras, Pan, Tilt and Zoom controllers and a Video Security Trailer mobile platform.

SightLogix systems are being deployed for perimeter security projects in a range of markets such as transportation, airports and ports, industrial and commercial, government and public services and remote monitoring.

John Romanowich, President and CEO of SightLogix said: "Unlike indoor surveillance applications, outdoor analytics must contend with an environment that is constantly changing. For this reason, SightLogix has taken a different approach from other video analytics manufacturers - and this has been the cornerstone of our integration partner and end user customers' success."