Overview of Gallagher's Command Centre v7.30

Overview of Gallagher's Command Centre v7.30

Command Centre v7.30 is the latest release of Gallagher’s fully integrated security system. Gallagher is one of the leading business integrated security platform, combining physical enforcement, site monitoring, and reporting of critical workforce and management processes.

The new Command Centre mobile application allows remote management of alarms and ability to monitor and override item status directly from a mobile device. This helps in increased efficiency, situational awareness and faster response time.

The release of T20 Terminal Alarm Management, build on existing access capabilities, includes dynamic alarm management, and a suite of alarm management options. Additional features such as biometric finger vein technology is introduced in the latest version.

Premier reporting has also been enhanced with improved report configuration options. Using the latest development in system view, the v7.30 version includes workstation routing with the ability to re-route control over multiple workstations and sites.

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