NVT TBus IP transmission solutions overview

Stuart Harris from Network Video Technologies takes us through the hardware and software features behind TBus IP transmission devices. TBus is the backbone communications architecture for NVT’s range of IP transmission devices. NTV had the TBus on display at Security Essen 2014 and they were excited to tell us all about the product.

TBus supports all forms of coax and UTP cable, as well as 18/2, 2-wire (un-twisted wire), and STP (shielded twisted-pair) in any combination of star, peer-to-peer, or daisy-chain cabling topology. TBus delivers 56VDC power for remote transceivers as well as their remote PoE devices (IP cameras, etc.) Loads of up to 1 amp are possible, supporting high power PoE+ devices up to 50 watts. TBus supports advanced 128-bit AES encrypted network speeds of up to 200Mbps. Data distances of 8,000ft are possible on RG59/U.