NLSS Gateway from Next Level Security Systems safeguards Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas is the fourth largest movie theater chain in the world and has set a new standard in the moviegoer experience. The entertainment leader began its expansion into the United States in 2011. Halfway through the first expansion phase, Cinepolis now operates three locations in California.

In an effort to keep its location, patrons and employees safe and limit loss, Cinepolis deployed the NLSS Gateway from Next Level Security Systems to integrate access control and video surveillance into one easy-to-use platform. This unique approach allows data from traditionally separate subsystems, including video management, IP access control, analytics, intrusion and audio, to be correlated without custom integration. Through the intuitive and Web-based interface, users gain a comprehensive view of their entire multi-site security operations, gaining new insights into potential risks.

Mark Russo, IT Manager at Cinepolis says: “The systems we used in other locations cannot come close to what is delivered with the platform from Next Level. With the NLSS Gateway, everything feels modern; it feels the way a security solution should.”

Currently, Cinepolis leverages the Gateway’s 11 built-in analytics to analyse traffic patterns throughout the day to determine peak attendance times and staff accordingly. Overall, the unified appliance has contributed to a highly efficient and more secure environment.