MOBOTIX presents the new M24M Allround camera

MOBOTIX presents the new M24M Allround camera

MOBOTIX, manufacturer of complete, high-resolution IP video systems, presents the new M24M Allround camera. This successor to the very successful M22M has a new microprocessor and a modified system platform, which enables smooth video frame rates of up to 30 fps, even at a megapixel resolution.

Five interchangeable lenses with image angles ranging from 15° to 90° are available for the M24M. The 90° wide-angle lens allows an entire room to be monitored from just one corner. A 15° Telephoto lens enables the camera to clearly record a license plate number from a distance of approximately 75 meters. Or even the serial number of a bill from a distance of two meters.

Should the camera be used in constantly changing locations, for example, in mobile surveillance at construction sites, we recommend installing the version with CS mounts and manually adjustable Vario lenses. MOBOTIX also offers night versions with a particularly light-sensitive B/W image sensor for use in poor lighting conditions.

The M24M can also be configured for high-resolution, distortion-free panorama images using a hemispheric L11 lens (180° fisheye), digital PTZ and special MOBOTIX software. This makes it ideal for use in webcam applications that stand out from the crowd.

The M24M can be installed in just a few minutes and rotated to the desired tilt angle using the standard, flexibly adjustable VarioFlex Wall and Ceiling Mount. The weatherproof camera (IP66) can operate in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) and does not require a heater or a fan.

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