Introducing the Legic SM-4200 compact reader chip

The market for contactless identification technology is constantly moving. Requirements for advanced security and reliability are increasing, along with demands for comfortable and internationally flexible use. Manufacturers of readers and credentials, along with systems integrators, require technologies that fulfill high functional requirements and user-related criteria to the same extent. The new LEGIC SM-4200 rises to this challenge.

The established variety of supported applications, such as access control, time & attendance, offline locks, IT access or cashless payments, is only the basis. Due to the extremely small size (8 x 8 mm) and the compact design of the new LEGIC reader chip, manufacturers are offered even more flexibility in developing their applications. A much longer battery lifetime also makes the chip attractive for offline applications such as lockers or furniture locks.

Open technology platform

The challenges are even more demanding when you consider the complex system of different technologies, manufacturers and industrial standards that characterises almost all modern security solutions. Intelligent basic technology, as used by SM-4200, is open to a variety of standards and transponder types, has a high level of interoperability and can be easily integrated into existing installations.

Security standards are also increasing on a daily basis. It is therefore more and more important for a technology platform in the field of secure personal identification to include a encryption package that can be upgraded on demand. This openness not only guarantees high protection of investments, but also ensures that installations always comply with the most up-to-date security standards.

Setting trends

The new development of the LEGIC advant SM-4200 reader chip is perfectly in line with the trend for compact, interoperable and energy-efficient solutions, which can be flexibly integrated into existing infrastructure. Ultimately, the end user's comfort is enhanced through the use of flexible and versatile reading technology.