DRS Infrared WatchMaster® Overview

Unlike conventional video surveillance cameras, the WatchMaster® IP Elite does not require any ambient light or illumination. It detects heat, not light, so it can provide images in challenging environments including complete darkness, over water, fog, rain, and in dark corners. TheWatchMaster® IP Elite offers both analogue and IP connections along with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE). Raising the bar in thermal surveillance cameras, the WatchMaster® IP Elite is an affordable addition to any security system.

Popular applications include: locations with very low or no light, handling adverse weather conditions, areas with extreme temperatures or longer distance or wider view situations where traditional IR illuminators do not work. 

Technology advances and expansion into high volume, low cost manufacturing means DRS Infrared is making world-class thermal imaging systems affordable and accessible. The WatchMaster® family of thermal security and surveillance systems are offered in fixed mount, pan-and-tilt, and dual payload PTZ camera systems. With components built to industry standards, DRS’ WatchMaster® camera systems easily integrate into your existing surveillance and security solutions.

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