AxxonSoft latest video management software technologies showcased at IFSEC 2015

AxxonSoft‘s, Business Development Director (EMEA), Yury Akhmetov, spoke to about AxxonSoft’s VMS solutions at IFSEC 2015. The Axxon Next video management system shows what security will look like in the next 10 years. In terms of functionality and usability, all traditional VMS solutions are far behind.

Axxon Next – unique VMS offering

AxxonSoft’s VMS solutions have many unique features which make them different from all other solutions. Axxon Next is the only VMS solution in the market which has been designed based on research on security guards’ user experience. Axxon Next’s interface is seamless, flexible, intuitive and friendly. It knows what users need and supports touch screen e.g. an operator can classify alarms with one tab. Axxon Next’s user interface has automatic notes which enables hands free surveillance. The face recognition module means people can be identified by their biometrics. This helps catch a suspect in a crowd or implement face based access control in an office. This software is freely available for 16 channels which users can start using right now.