Alpro Architectural Hardware protects people and assets with innovative access control solutions

Alpro Architectural Hardware protects people and assets with innovative access control solutions

Alpro protects people and assets with some of the most innovative products in today’s access control sector. An ISO 9001 company, we have a culture of excellence running not just through build quality but through people and ways of working. We excel on processes as well as products and our after-sales service consistently wins endorsements.

We’re forging relationships with suppliers and clients through continual improvement and commitment to quality. And we’ll get products to you exploiting Just-in-Time flexibility, working with a network of the best distribution partners in Europe. As security providers we’re about balance. We use electric strikes, locks, solenoid bolts and keypads to balance security against the risks posed by intruders thus allowing hassle-free access for staff, residents and legitimate visitors.

Alpro are securing St Pancras International Station and a Hebridean ferry line – both with solid state IP68-rated keypads. The only moving parts are the trains and the boats! And we're on the ball - whatever shape it is! Our leisure application sites include Aston Villa Football Club, Manchester United and Exeter Chiefs Rugby ClubAlpro don’t just talk about carbon footprint and "caring about the planet." We tread gently - we’re walking the walk. Many of our products are made of aluminium, a metal that is easily and endlessly recycled without quality loss and often within six weeks. As planners increasingly factor energy consumption into the concept stage, our low-electric- draw strikes as used on these prestigious "green" apartments in Dorset have become popular with architects.

Alpro ensure quality control by manufacturing aluminium handles in-house. We not only meet but exceed the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and we innovate to widen accessibility with products like our backlit Braille keypad. We’ve answered a University Challenge by supplying transom closers to no less than three universities – Portsmouth, London and Liverpool. The closers are on communal campus doors and are also used at the universities’ libraries with light, medium and heavy spring strengths. Our electric strikes and Impressionist door handles secure private hangars at airports including Stansted

Alpro products don’t come as flat packs – not quite - but they’re easy to configure and install. So easy that our internal control boards have been installed at IKEA stores across the UK. Alpro are among the most innovative access control developers in Europe and our R & D team respond immediately to market demands.