TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies 2018

  • Type: Regional security
  • 13 - 15 Feb, 2018
  • Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Event Overview:

TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies 2018 is a national physical security event that brings together the high profile visitors representing the most of purchasing power buyers. It is a must-attend event for high-end security products buyers and vendors.

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TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies 2018 news

TB Forum garners security experts to discuss counter terrorism and enhance security solutions

Security is number one priority now everywhere and Russia is not an exception. Local key buyers are extremely interested in new brands & technologies entering the market thus they decided to announce a review of the technologies to find new effective solutions to prevent terrorism and enhance security. Security experts will gather at TB Forum to review new equipment, maintain and establish business contacts, discuss current issues of vulnerability assessment and develop amendments to their...

TB Forum 2018 to highlight secure sea and railway transport solutions

Russian Railways began to provide a new service designed to relieve Russia's Far East ports and attract additional freight traffic to the Trans-Siberian Railway. According to analysts' forecasts, the volume of coal transported towards the region will increase by 2.5 times by 2030. Ice-free seaport The ice-free seaport of Rajin is therefore of great interest to customers exporting coal. The daily ship loading rate of this complex is up to 14,000 tons, depending on the vessel's tonnage...

TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies 2018 to focus on providing perimeter protection for airport facilities

With security concerns intensifying, the security of flying increasingly depends on cross-industry and multi-stakeholder dialogues and collaboration to tackle new and shared vulnerabilities.Airport securityMaintaining active surveillance, alerting security personnel to potential threats and long-range detection capabilities remain prevalent challenges for perimeter security at airport facilities.TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies 2018 will gather directors for the safety of ai...

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