TB Forum 2016

  • Type: Conferences / seminars
  • 9 - 11 Feb, 2016
  • Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Event Overview:

Security & Safety Technologies

TB Forum powered by Intersec is a platform to discuss supply and demand, requirements and opportunities, and to conduct real business. Here the agenda is formed and the industry interacts with customers and within itself. Extended Business program of TB Congress and TB Academy.

TB Forum is an exhibition of technologies for large projects. Visitors and delegates are dealing with serious threats and risks, building their security systems aimed to counteract the organised and well-prepared attacks, as well as equipped intruders and groups.

Exposition of know-how, practices and techniques

The exponents demonstrate the practical application of advanced technologies. Organisers of events and demo zones have offers purchasers practical assistance and best practicesby supporting their educational interests.

Visitor Demographics:

  • Visitor Origin:
  • Russian Federation
  • Visitor demographic:
    • Security professionals

Event organiser:

  • Organiser:
  • Groteck Business Media
  • Address:
  • PO Box 82, Moscow, Russian Federation