Security China 2016

  • Type: Regional security
  • 25 - 28 Oct, 2016
  • Beijing, China
  • New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), No. 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu Area, Shunyi, Beijing, 101318, China
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Event Overview:

Security China 2016 - Biggest security exhibition for Chinese security industry

Security China 2016 will be held at China International Exhibition Centre (New Centre), on October 25-28, 2016, in Beijing, P.R. China, which is the biggest security distribution and procurement centre in China, and would mainly focus on the big markets in North China, and also provide a big platform for the exhibitors to meet the government-level buyers and high management for purchasing in different industries.

Security China 2016 would experience a peaking time for the all-round development of Chinese security industry, a series of important programs in public safety and security have got fruitful progress, and would be attended by more than 1,000 exhibitors from China and some other countries, including U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Germany, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and so on. The total exhibition area would amount 106,800 square metres, and is expecting 165,000 visitors from home and abroad.

Security China 2016 will host show events such as China International Security Forum and Summit, China International Security Sourcing Conference, Emergency and Escape Live Exercise, and Home Security Products Experienced.

The Emergency and Escape Live Exercise event would be conducted mainly to educate the people to successfully escape during disaster or emergency accidents, and make them avoid the suffering from such disaster. The live exercise would be done with real objects and live pictures to make the visitors personally experience the real situation of a disaster, and teach them how to effectively respond to such disasters. Companies who provide such emergency products have the opportunity to display their special products and technology which is used in emergency communication, escaping from emergency accidents, and emergency rescue.

Also, China International Security Forum will mainly focus on analysing the direction of Chinese national security industry, discussing the newest security technology and products, and completely research China and global security market. The China International Security Sourcing Conference would especially arrange the buyers from America, Russia, Britain, Japan, South Korea and so on, to meet with Chinese qualified suppliers to promote the co-operation and partnership. Therefore, we would say Security China 2016, is not only the starting point for Chinese security suppliers to go into global market, but also the arena for those big global companies to compete in the Chinese market.

Visitor Demographics:

  • Visitor Origin:
  • China
  • Visitor demographic:
    • Public safety and security distributors, installers, engineering company, more than 28% of all the visitors
    • Armed Police & Army
    • Judicial, Procurement departments and Courts
    • Police / Prison / Fire
    • Security Company
    • Banking / Finance / Insurance
    • Build

Event organiser:

  • Organiser:
  • China Security and Protection Industry Association
  • Address:
  • Room 1401, Tower C, International Finance and Economy Center, No. 87, West 3rd North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • +86 (10) 68 73 05 88

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