• Type: International security
  • 31 May - 1 Jun 2016
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), Melbourne, Australia
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Event Overview:

CIVSEC 2016 is an international forum dealing with interconnected imperatives of civil security & civil defence in preservation of sovereignty, protection of people & safety of communities. Comprising a Stakeholder Summit, followed by congress of specialist conferences, seminars and workshops, CIVSEC 2016 will bring together leaders, decision-makers, managers, officials, etc. involved in safety, emergency services, government & industry sectors.

CIVSEC 2016 news

CIVSEC 2016 to address challenges of civil security, border control, terrorism prevention and emergency management

Forum will bring together experts, innovators & government professionals from throughout Australia, Indo-Asia-Pacific region & the world CIVSEC 2016 will be a major showcase of expertise, ideas and information in the fields of civil security and civil defence. It will be a congress of conferences, seminars and workshops that will address the complex and increasingly important challenges of civil security, border control, law and order, terrorism prevention and disaste...

CIVSEC 2016: Science and evolving security technologies for working in high risk environments

Speakers Dr. Paul Johnson and Todd Smithson will speak on science, technology and high risk situations in national security CIVSEC’s Protection and Security Seminar will highlight the largely unheralded contribution of the Department of Defence’s Science and Technology Group (DST Group). The Group makes a significant contribution to Australia’s national security through the specialist R&D it undertakes for its Defence and other Government stakeholders. C...

ASPI's Dr John Coyne to present on border security at CIVSEC 2016

Dr Coyne’s presentation will highlight importance and scope of the private sector’s involvement in border security The head of the Border Security Programme for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), Dr John Coyne, has joined the list of quality speakers taking part in CIVSEC 2016. Co-operating on border control Dr Coyne’s presentation will highlight importance and scope of the private sector’s involvement in border security and the growin...

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