3rd Annual Oil & Gas Security 2014 Summit

  • Type: Regional security
  • 4 - 5 Mar, 2014
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Event Overview:

3rd Annual Oil & Gas Security 2014 Summit

The 3rd Annual Oil & Gas Security 2014 Summit returns in March 2014 to provide a fully comprehensive platform to security experts involved in the protection of oil and gas infrastructure, assets and staff. We are very pleased to announce that this edition of the Summit will be held inDubai, UAE on the 4th-5th of March 2014, with a focus on oil and gas Companies operating in the Middle East.

The Summit will provide an ideal setting for discussion and analysis of the latest technologies, methods and strategies to mitigate and prevent the impact of security threats to oil and gas infrastructure, teams and assets in high risk regions. Terrorist attack and mitigation, theft, pipeline sabotage, piracy, maritime security, the importance of social media planning and the pressing need to consolidate cyber and physical security functions will be explored by a host of expert speakers throughout this cutting edge Summit.

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, we are now seeing more terrorist activities in Algeria and North Africa; increasing geopolitical instability in Yemen, Syria and Egypt; more frequent cyber-attacks directed at major oil companies across the region, and polemic threats to close the Strait of Hormuz (through which 40% of the world’s sea-born oil transits) by Iran. The situation is precarious for oil and gas companies in the region and as such, security is a huge priority.

The 3rd OGS Summit will host a series of case studies addressing the lessons learned from evacuations of non-essential staff by many of the IOC’s operating in Egypt during the summer 2013 Coup D’état, and on the threat Syria potentially poses to security of the oil and gas industry in the region. The specific security challenges facing LNG tankers transiting through the Arabian Peninsula and the security considerations facing Saudi Arabia’s crucial refining facilities will also be discussed amongst a number of other high priority topics.

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  • United Arab Emirates
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    • Safety & Security
    • Security
    • Crisis & Security
    • Offshore and Onshore Security
    • Safety & Operational Risk
    • Physical Security
    • Information Security

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  • International Research Networks
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  • 10-18 Vestry Street, 1st Floor, London, United Kingdom (UK)
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