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Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants provide high-quality training solutions that provide great value, relevant content, quality materials, and goal-oriented education. They provide crucial training modules for industry pioneer security companies.

The history of Eagle i Security Services traced back to 1983 when it was known as WestPoint Protective Security & Investigation, providing unarmed security manpower as well as K9 dog services. In 2008, WestPoint Protective Security & Investigation was rebranded to Eagle i Security Services.

Ecebs is a smart technology company with an enviable pedigree in delivering world-class solutions across a broad range of markets, including transport, local government, payment and many more. Ecebs provides the software that resides on the cards, terminals and back office systems for many of today's solutions.

Egress Software Technologies is the provider of privacy and risk management services designed to manage and protect unstructured data. The Egress platform leverages machine learning led policy management, encryption and discovery to enable end-users to share and collaborate securely, while reducing the risk of loss and maintaining compliance.

Established in 2001, Eligo Security is a specialist recruitment company that fulfills security recruitment needs. The company helps find engineering, sales, technical support, marketing, R&D, design, project management, admin and senior management.

Elite Investigations provides investigative, security, protection and consulting services across the US and globally. They provide their clients with a broad range of security services which includes uniformed security guard and patrol services, fire safety officers, and special event officers.

Elite is a security and monitoring company based in LA that offers 100% Interactive Remote Guarding, Security Management and other services using security surveillance systems based Digital Guards, Video Management and other Security Systems at your facility, controlled remotely by highly Trained Agents in the Security Operations Command Center.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is an analyst and consulting firm that specialises in providing deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. EMA delivers research, analysis, and consulting services to enterprise IT professionals and IT and data management vendors. The company applies IT and data management technology to solve business problems.

Enclave Security provides integrated security services to multi-national organisations and other corporates to efficiently secure and defend their information and technology assets. The company provides the right tools and solutions to enable organisations to safeguard their information systems. They also provide other services like formal risk assessments, standards-based assessments and technical penetration test.

Equip Global is the global provider of business intelligence through conferences and trainings to the world’s leading businesses, governments and institutions. They put together conferences and trainings which address clients’ problems that no one else can. Equip Global provides industry conferences, in-house and corporate trainings across all types of industries including: Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Pharmaceutical etc.

Ex-Servicemen's Multipurpose Services (ESMS) is one of India's leading manned and automated security solutions providers. Established by ex servicemen for ex-servicemen, the company has grown to employ over 4000 guards and security specialists, retaining the dedication, skill and commitment of the of the armed forces.

Esoteric is a specialist Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), bug sweeping & covert surveillance company working discreetly with corporations, government departments and high-worth individuals globally, to safeguard private information and conversations from illicit eavesdropping devices and bugs.

ETA International represents the electronics industry, from the technician and educator to the corporate institution. ETA International members are professionals in many different technical fields such as Fibre Optics, Smart Home, Renewable Energy, Customer Service, Biomedical, Information Technology, Wireless Communications, and Industrial Electronics. ETA is accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC).

Evidence Talks provides expert digital forensic systems and advice to law enforcement, security services, and corporate around the world. The company is dedicated to fight cyber crime and has built a team of security cleared forensic analysts, trainers, digital artists, and software developers to create a suite of innovative forensic technologies, training and tools, together with output of CGI movies and associated graphics.

Evolution Fire & Safety offers end-to-end security solution to ensure compliancy with an organisation, be it small or large. Their consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of a business in order to ensure optimum safety and security.

Evolution Training is the UK's leading Security Industry training and Consultancy provider with a proven record for the best SIA Licence instruction programs which exceed all Security Industry Authority expectations.

Executive Interface brings to customers' project a lifetime of experience in security assistance and managing the business of training along with eight solid years of nation-level success in the Homeland Security Industry.

Faragostar was founded with the prospect of developing total business solutions in BPM, office automation, human resources, IT management, corporate finance, banking and insurance, customer experience, public sector, academic establishments, and much more.

Fearfree provides audits and training for New Zealand businesses: from earthquake evacuation policies to armed robbery training. With access to up to date and relevant information from agencies around the world, plus people in the field, and keeps clients informed about rapidly changing international developments.

Fieldcraft Consulting is one of Northern Virginia's premier provider for security programme development and advisory. The company offers audit existing security measures, risk mitigation planning, cyber security considerations. The consulting services offered by Fieldcraft are intended for security programme development.

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