Preventing retail losses with intelligent HD surveillance

Preventing retail losses with intelligent HD surveillance

Loss prevention is moving up the retail agenda as margins continue to be squeezed. Read our white paper to see how serious the issue is, discover where the high-risk areas are, understand how the advantages of anti-loss surveillance break down and know what criteria to consider when choosing a loss-prevention video security solution.

Intense pressure on margins across the retail sector has elevated loss prevention as a boardroom agenda point. Here we highlight the statistics, identify the risk areas, define potential objectives and analyse the leading considerations when choosing a loss-prevention video security solution.

We also address such important issues as installation simplicity, ROI, the impact of video security solutions on business planning and marketing, and the route to success.

Given the number and frequency of external influences impacting operating costs, the last thing retailers need is profits being cut through loss. Here, we identify a number of areas where the threat of loss exists within retail, and highlight how intelligent HD surveillance can be incorporated into modern software solutions.

Such an approach can not only counter the threat, but also provide an effective and efficient means of detection whilst identifying the cause. What’s more, intelligent surveillance solutions are increasingly delivering business planning and marketing benefits.

What's inside?

  • Shoplifting v staff theft
  • Pre-Christmas retail stock losses
  • Identifying solution requirements and costs
  • Challenge-deployment location mapping
  • Speed and simplicity across installation and deployment
  • The ROI argument
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