Embedded NVRs are central components in new, simplified end-to-end IP video solutions. These appliances are the successors to the analogue era’s DVRs, except they connect to IP cameras. They are simple “boxes” with embedded software to which IP video cameras can be connected and automatically configured. It’s a simple solution for an industry that was built on simple hardware solutions; it also offers the benefits of IP video, but with no complex integration or configuration required.

This SourceSecurity.com Technology Report will take a closer look at the advantages of embedded network video recorders, and their role in creating modern, simplified solutions that provide all the benefits of IP video with less of the downside. Specifically, the report will highlight embedded NVRs by Hikvision, a leading manufacturer of video equipment worldwide.

What's inside?

  • Achieving robustness in a software era
  • Advantages of embedded Network Video Recorders (NVRs)
  • Dependability that end users require
  • Equipment dedicated to the job at hand
  • Choosing the right embedded NVR product
  • Trends supporting greater usage of NVRs
  • Additional benefits of NVRs
  • Vertical markets for embedded NVR
  • Keeping it simple – and lowering costs
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