Effective asset management in retail

Effective asset management in retail

Millions of people pass through supermarket doors every year, with retailers generating billions of pounds in sales. An escalating price war between the big five chains means shoppers saved £182m on their grocery bills last year.

However, along with the millions of pounds that retailers make, there are millions more that they lose because of theft and fraud. It is common that in times of economic uncertainty fraud increases, but this activity costs UK retailers billions of pounds each year. Worryingly, 22% of this theft and fraud is by staff, highlighting the importance of installing a positive culture and an intelligent asset management system to prevent losses.

Traka, the key and asset management specialist, provides key cabinets and lockers, which can be accessed by biometric fingerprint readers, PIN or a smart card, so that supermarkets have reliable information on who has used which PDA, and more importantly when they returned the device. As well as biometric technology, the systems also use RFID tagging.

Installing an effective key and asset management system prevents and deters internal theft and minimises loss and operational costs. This whitepaper will explore the consequences of inadequate management of keys and assets and examine the benefits of installing an effective system.

What's inside?

  • Minimising operational costs in retail
  • Minimising downtime
  • Savings on labour
  • Health & safety
  • Stock loss
  • Conclusion
  • Product details
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