Safety and security is one of the top criteria for customer (guest) selection of hotel accommodation and, with the evolving role of the security function in the hospitality industry, security technology plays a key role in a hotel’s success. Security technology convergence has allowed the security function to come under a single management point.

Some brands are Investing in new security technology such as 360° view cameras, yet, many hoteliers still see security as an unnecessary expense or find it awkward to maintain high security standards and at the same time preserving a hotel’s hospitable and welcoming image.

This study from Oncam aims to gauge the views and perceptions of hotel security professionals at corporate (executive) level on the current status and adoption/usage of security technology, the decision-making process for investment in such technology and anticipated future developments in this area.

Oncam is an independent, specialised IP video and technology company with a reputation for being one of the most innovative firms in today's market. Oncam's sole focus is on 360-degree smart IP video - working with partners to deliver high-value business solutions for customers that leverage Oncam's award-winning technology. Oncam has deep industry knowledge combined with specialised expertise in Healthcare, Retail, Transport, Maritime and Ports, Banking, Casinos and Hospitality.

What's inside?

  • Overview of the business models in the hotel industry
  • Decision-making process when it comes to security investment
  • Hotel security technologies and solutions
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